Life Lesson #8,761

I decided I needed to keep busy around the house this weekend, primarily to reorganize and clean up on Saturday, then to stain the deck and plant flowers on Sunday. I also needed to stay busy because it prevented my mind from dwelling on things out of my control, namely the fallout from my personal life saga. All things considered, I had been doing really well in the last two weeks with letting go of the situation and just doing my thang, but I suffered a setback a few days ago. I don’t know why it happened (the setback, or the whole darned situation in general), but I was having a hard time with it. I was feeling sorry for myself.

I know… you can only control yourself, timing is everything, life isn’t fair, everything happens for a reason, God grant me the serenity, your luck sucks (ok, so that last one’s for me).

In short, AFGO (Another F–g Growth Opportunity), as my friend T at T’s Quest wrote to me, quoting one of her favorite authors. Great. At the rate I’m going with all of these “opportunities”, I’m going to end up becoming my own country song.

So, after pulling the old Nancy Kerrigan Whyyyyyy Meeeeee?, I switched to Nike mode. (I know I’m mixing metaphors — a little country, a little sporty — bear with me.) I determined that the best way to keep moving on is to keep moving and just do…something. I took that FGO and wrangled it into a mixture of potting soil and deck stain. In the end, I at least had control over this:

And this:

Well, I did until late last night when I heard the rain coming down and read that the temperature is supposed to significantly drop in the next 24 hours.

Life Lesson #8,762: Don’t wait until Sunday night to check the weather. There ain’t no controlling Mother Nature.

PS. Do you think Tonya Harding would star in my country music video?


17 thoughts on “Life Lesson #8,761

  1. sarah says:

    i’m pretty sure i know where one of her favorite bars is here in town. so if you want me to find her, let me know!!

  2. Liz C: You’re back from vaca! I hope you didn’t bring back any foreign country FGOs in your travels! Seriously, I hope you had fun and can’t wait to read about it.

    Sarah: I’m touched by your offer to go find Tonya for me. I forgot she lives in/around the same city as you. Maybe you could go drink beer with her and pitch the idea. Then, I’d run like hell. 😉

  3. You are such an inspiration!! As I emailed you privately, I’m having my own AFGO over here, and feeling just a tad sorry for myself. Flowers! How simple, how beautiful. Thank you, thank you. You’re growing, literally.

  4. SMS/Rachel, thank YOU so much for posting your comment. I certainly felt like I was doing anything but growing [choose: needy, desperate, frustrated, upset…] this weekend. I so appreciate you helping me realize I’m doing ok. And you will be, too.

    BTW, Tonya, I love “AFGO.” I think we all do!

  5. party girl says:


    I do not think you can care about someone like that and not have setbacks. I think it is like a grieving process. Keeping busy is a good thing, and your deck looks fabulous! These feelings will come and go for awhile. Keep your chin up lady!

  6. Hey Susan…I’ve had opportunities up the ying-yang myself. And yes, I learn, but it does suck mid-lesson. Great post and the flowers are stunning.

  7. If it frosts tonight, I’m going to be one ticked off lady. I did the same thing and if Mother Nature goes after my $100 worth of annuals, I’m going to kick her hiney.

  8. curt says:

    tonya’s not doing anything these days, so I’m sure she’d sign up for your country music video.

    and, if you need any experienced extras for it, I’m just a phone call/email away…..

  9. Co-Worker says:

    The FGO’s are always horrible in the right now time of dealing with them, however as you look back later it does work for the best. I know years later and many other worse FGO’s.
    Anyhow call for coffee some weekend you need a lift

  10. Tonya would probably welcome the opportunity to be in your video if it involves ultimate fighting (at least that’s what I think she was up to last).

  11. Well, I can’t take credit for the “AFGO” term but it sure does ring true with the masses. At least we all know that we’re here to learn something, right? Even if it does suck big time.

    I could use a good deck stain myself Susan. Maybe that’s what I should be doing during this deployment hell time.

    Flowers are a good idea too. Nothing like a little color to brighten up your day!

    Hang in there sweetie! Hugs!

  12. Keeping busy is good! Great for the deck and spring flowers! LOOKS GREAT! Anytime you can use physical energy to distract your brain – it always works for the best. (Yesterday when I should have been in my virtual training class, I weeded the yard (only a little) but I came back MORE focused and ready to move ahead FULL STEAM!

    I put a link to you on my blog … let me know if that is okay! trying to support other bloggers.

  13. Kathie, Co-Worker and Tonya: We’ve all had our share of “opportunities,” for sure, and I know you have encountered some tough ones.

    Party Girl: Thanks. You’re right that this is someone I care very much about. I miss him, but I know this is his work to do, not mine. I’ve done all I can.

    Melissa: Of course the link is ok! Thank you. I have to add you and my “I almost made Bossy’s Road Trip” friends. We will definitely get together soon. Andrea and I were emailing about this.

    Curt and Andrea: Would YOU like to star in my music video, too? maybe we can do a big production number:

    You know, “We are the world…but you don’t love me no more after I ran over your doggie with my Chevy 4×4”


  14. Totally off topic, but here goes anyway — one of my most shameful secrets is that I think Tonya Harding was, and contiunes to be, hot. There. I said it. I need a shower.

  15. Bob: I am honestly and truly scared. Now don’t you go roughing up her rivals* in an act of love, you hear me? That didn’t work so well for the men in her life before.

    We’ll have to stage an intervention.

    *who would be her rivals today?

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