Letter to A Muse-Myself

Um, anyone home?

Dear Writing Muse,

Thanks again for stopping by and helping me write my synopsis over the last week. I appreciate your efforts, I really do, it’s just that…well…how do I say this?

I’m a bit concerned about you. I mean, I know I got the words down on paper, but, honey, Anne Lamott wasn’t kidding when she wrote that chapter, “Shitty First Drafts” in Bird by Bird. My draft is bad. Really, really bad.

Tell me the truth — are you on something? Is it because I listened to Big Sky one too many times? You know I love Annie, but some of her songs are a bit angst-ridden…

It’s because I started reading the messages printed on Dove chocolate wrappers for inspiration instead of you — right? I’m right, aren’t I?! Oh, c’mon. You have to admit, “There’s a time for compromise…it’s called ‘later'” is a good one.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but when you show up with crazy hair and spewing a deadly combination of boring and nonsensical prose in my ear, what am I supposed to do?

Look, it took some doing to get me back in the writer’s seat for yet one more piece of this novel-writing business, but I did it and you held up your end of the bargain, too. You showed up and I appreciate that. You always make my first drafts interesting, Muse. And, you make me realize that I’m lucky I like editing.

Anyway, go get some rest. We’ll both need it for the next time.




4 thoughts on “Letter to A Muse-Myself

  1. Hi SUsan, this is too funny. It sounds like your muse is in need of the chocolate…maybe she’s pissed you didn’t share. The synopsis/query letter muses are tricky biddies. I have to say, they’re the wicked counterparts to the manuscript muses–altogether sweeter and more supportive in my opinion…screw the synopsis muse. Go it alone….hahahaha…can you tell I’m working on the same thing?

  2. Of course, now you’ve really pissed the muse off, telling her that her stuff is shit. It might light her fire to prove you wrong, or she might just blow you off entirely. And come hang out with me 😉

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