You make me so happy

Today was national Take Your Child to Work Day (also called Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day). Although our company does not have a formal program, I decided to bring Drama Girl with me for a glimpse into the exciting world of financial services marketing. (T-Rex went in with The Ex, apparently eating 4 times his weight in junk food.) DG had fun, even in the two short meetings I brought her to because, as she put it, “I was drawing my pictures.” I wish!

Other highlights:

DG’s Favorite Part of the Day: The chocolate chip muffin I bought her for breakfast, followed by the goody bag from Corporate Purchasing filled with candy and various logo’d promotional items that I hope to hide in the trash.

Mom’s Favorite Part of the Day: DG holding my hand and skipping as we walked around downtown on our lunch hour. Most favorite: her exclaiming, “[Name of Firm] — you make me so happy!” upon arriving back at my building after lunch.

What She Learned About Our Business: “Um…I don’t know. But I got to keep my fake money! I’m rich!”

I wish.

On our walk back to the car she saw a dandelion and ran over to pick it from the pitiful patch of grass growing between the sidewalk and parking lot. Closing her eyes she made her wish and blew.

As I write this I think that may have been my favorite part of our day: seeing her smile, eyes closed, oblivious to the cars rushing by on the street next to us. It was a moment of quiet joy in an unexpected place, right where I walk every day.


6 thoughts on “You make me so happy

  1. Gosh, if only we could appreciate the moment like they do, huh?

    My kids’ favorite part of our new house is the dandelions. And this only because I haven’t cut the yard yet. (oops!) Why should I? To my kids those dandelions and all of the other flower-sprouting weeds are beautiful. Its only us jaded adults that see them as a nuisance!

    Sounds like a fun day of mommy-daughter bonding too!

  2. Hey Susan that is beautiful! What a great day for you both. It’s amazing how this day has changed over the years. But you realize now your daughter thinks your work is always happy and punctuated with a good lunch and goody bags. When she grows up, she’ll be like “where the hell’s my daily goody bag? Where the hell’s my candy and leisurely lunch? Boy I long for the good old days…” hahahah

  3. Dandelions! I won’t have dandelions for months! I grow a nice crop in the front yard every year but they won’t seed until late May or June. What a touching story and a great new memory to add to your morning walk.

  4. Drama girl … love that! I have two that could claim that title.

    You need a girly night out … we should get together and let the kids play.

    Let me know, sometimes meeting with strangers helps (at least it did me, meeting up with the bloggers in cleveland for the bossy road trip).

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