Birthday Thanks

One year old!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since I published my first post, Seeing Red — its sentiment still holds true for me today. Whether you’ve been a regular reader, or you just found me (yeah, I wear pantyhose, ok?), I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU … for reading, commenting and introducing me to such a great community of people.

You rock!

And watch for a new look and features here this spring. I’m not changing who I am; I’m just working on an enhanced version of me. 😉


9 thoughts on “Birthday Thanks

  1. As my DD used to say, “Happy to you!” I consider you my Blogging Big Sister, even though I’m old enough to be, um, your babysitter.

    And as long as the enhancements don’t require anesthetic or stitches, I’m all for it.

  2. Susan – CONGRATULATIONS! I have had so much fun reading you since we found each other! You are so witty and amusing and smart and pretty, and I just enjoy your blog so much! That was a mouthful. But all true!

    I look forward to the next year!!

  3. Congratulations on the milestone and the year’s journey. I’m so glad I found you. Please continue to be inspired and inspiring.

    Oh, and did you also know red is the colour associated with the root chakra which grounds us and secures us firmly in our world — the source of our power.

  4. Hey, everyone, thanks for helping me celebrate my first year of blogging, which I feel has been mostly successful most of the time. What more can I ask for?

    Eric, I can’t promise the changing hats feature, but I’m excited about the new concept I’m working out with my trusted web designer.

    And, Liz, I can promise no surgical tools or anesthesia will be needed.

    BTW, did I mention you all rock?!

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