The Adventures of Shark Boy and Fang Girl

My kids have been very excited the last few days. Sure, part of it is the promise of Easter Bunny, but much of it is because of their trip to the dentist this week. Yeah, the dentist.

I have no idea why, but they love the dentist, especially Drama Girl…which is funny because she’s the biggest wuss when it comes to anything medical. She sees the nurse walk into the room with a syringe? She starts to shriek. She sees me take her hand to get a splinter out? She starts screaming, “No, Mommy, don’t huurrrrrrt me!” before I’ve even touched her. (Did I mention she likes to do this when the windows are open?) She sees the dental hygienist come at her mouth with the scraper? She starts to giggle.

The weird thing is that she refuses to try and wiggle out or pull on her loose teeth. She’s too chicken.

Speaking of weird dental things, meet Shark Boy, who just lost his first tooth at 6 1/2:

Shark Boy

His bottom center adult teeth have sprouted up directly behind his baby teeth.

And meet his sister, Fang Girl:

Fang Girl

Her tooth is growing over the other one.

What gives?

When I called to schedule their beloved check-ups I asked whether this was normal. The woman said this happens with almost half of the kids they see, and that once the baby teeth come out the adult teeth will move right into place. I hope so. I don’t think either kid is going to like the orthodontist very much.


One thought on “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Fang Girl

  1. How funny! My kids love the dentist too. And my diva#1? She’s 6 1/2 and hasn’t lost a tooth yet either! She hates it! I keep telling her that its not a fun thing but all of her friends have lost teeth already. Eh, what gives with the dental peer pressure?

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