Eggstra, eggstra!


I started writing this post over an hour ago, slurping my coffee and wondering when in the world my kids were going to wake up so we could “get on with it.”

After staying up late to watch some hoops my alarm went off a little before 6 so I could hide the Easter eggs. In my family we’ve always hidden the real things — none of that plastic stuff, thank you very much — and I didn’t want to put them out too early. I was sure I would wake everyone up with my crackling ankles and knees as I tiptoed down the stairs, or by the eggs rattling around in the bowl.

Twenty-two eggs and 2 baskets later, T-Rex shook his head in amazement, marveling at how Easter Bunny had managed to find some cool new hiding spots. “I didn’t even hear him make one hop!” he told me. That comment alone made the morning worth it.

Happy Easter!


6 thoughts on “Eggstra, eggstra!

  1. I’m such a slacker–I didn’t hide any eggs. I figured that at two, I can’t count on the Toddler to actually look for them. I’m not feeling like going on a hunt myself.

    Way to impress the kids!

  2. Burgh Baby’s Mom: You are NOT a slacker! Enjoy not having to do this stuff while Toddler is still at the stage when she doesn’t expect it.

    I shouldn’t complain. My kids, particularly Drama Girl, are on the edge of not believing and the thought of that alone makes me get misty-eyed.

  3. My nine year old knows it’s us, but still wants us to go through all the fun stuff, like leaving the “Easter bunny” a note, which the bunny answers, and hunting for all those eggs the bunny hid. I’ll be sad when she’s too old for that.

  4. My three & six year olds were so excited that the Easter Bunny hid 12 pink eggs and 12 blue eggs (can you guess I have a boy and a girl?) … and like T-Rex I got the “WOW that Easter Bunny is really quiet I didn’t hear a thing” statement too which made my day as well. Worth staying up hiding them and their baskets – dad worked the late night shift so it was up to mom to do the work!

    Although unlike you Susan, I used plastic eggs – I have the real eggs (3 dozen mind you – such a sucker for coloring eggs!) in the refridge….my husband loves hard boiled eggs so I will save a few for him and make some egg salad for lunches … !!!

  5. I only hid 6, which my dog found during the night. Next year I’ll do it up right. We did, however, attend the annual Easter egg hunt at a friend’s house…562 plastic eggs hidden in knee-deep snow. They loved it, but sadly this year scoffed at the costumed bunny.

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