Almost over

No more!

Am I the only parent who is really sick of seasonal decorating, especially with Easter so early this year? It’s been a constant rotation of cute in our house for what seems like forever. In fact, it practically has been forever considering it started with Halloween.

Thank god I’m only a smidgen Irish and don’t get excited over St. Patty’s Day. If I did my Easter chick might be passed out on a shamrock, and the Easter Bunny and leprechaun would be celebrating in ways I’d rather not know about.


11 thoughts on “Almost over

  1. We have a “no decorating” rule. It’s not written, it just doesn’t happen (except for Christmas and Hallowe’en). No one has complained yet. Hopefully they won’t care until they are old enough to do it themselves.

  2. Ha! I’m so with you. In fact, other than Christmas, I no longer partake. Although if that chick in the pic is a candle, I’d love to see it with a flame coming out of his head… but maybe that’s just me.

  3. curt says:

    susan — c’mon up to my crib — none of that crap up here! 🙂

    you’ll like this — I think.

    about 12 years ago, I attended the big st. patty’s celebration downtown with some people from my former place of employment. tons of people, open container laws be damned. and, it was actually a BEAUTIFUL day with just a touch of chilliness in the air. anyhoo, my buds and I tied one on big time, so we were starting to get green beer munchies.

    so, one of my co-workers and I decided to go get some snacks. we stumbled over to the nearby g.c. murphy’s store and I told him, “let’s buy the first thing we see.”

    what was the first thing we saw?

    pink marshmellow peeps.

    the lesson that we learned that day?

    “do NOT use easter treats to cure your st. patty’s day green beer munchies.”

  4. I would have decorated for St. Pat’s and Easter, but they were too darn close to each other this year. So I went with option C–none of the above. Strangely, the world did not come to a screeching halt.

  5. I’m with you! My daughter just asked if we’d be dyeing eggs for Easter, and my internal reaction was “ugh.” But I put on a happy face and said, “absolutely!”

  6. Yay, it’s over!! Thanks for your comments — and thanks Dad’s House for stopping over. I hope your egg-dyeing adventure went more smoothly than ours. My son wailed every 3 minutes because this egg was cracked, that one didn’t come out the color he wanted. I kept telling him, “They’re EGGS. We are going to eat them. Get on with life!” He didn’t like that.

  7. I went to the store and picked up an 18-pack of eggs. The bagger then points out that it’s “buy one get one free!” Off he runs to get me another 18-pack.

    Easter morning my son hard-boiled the eggs (by himself! He rocks). But then he ran off to play with a friend. I was cooking a big meal for company, so we figured we’d dye the eggs that evening.

    I have 34 hard-boiled eggs (2 broke) in my fridge, undecorated. My kids won’t be at my house again until Wednesday, but that’s a super busy night with track/lacross/scouts, so we’ll dye them Thursday.

    i.e. the holiday isn’t over just yet for us! (I’m looking forward to it, though – uncoupled from the stress of housecleaning and cooking a big meal, a random Thurs. night of dyeing eggs will be fun.)

  8. Dad’sHouse — wow, a week-long egg celebration! I hope you like egg salad for lunch. Sounds like you’re going to have it for a long time 🙂

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