Cookies, bears and snow – oh, my!

Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?From

  • I see clocks still an hour behind
  • 4 inches of unshoveled snow
  • a car without 4-wheel drive
  • a cookie booth in front of Wal-Mart
  • and kids and mom still in their jammies.

Yep, it’s already after 1:00 2:00 and I have done nothing, or practically nothing, since I got up. And later Drama Girl and I have to man the cookie booth for an hour outside of Wal-Mart, the mid-America mecca of crowds, human oddities and low prices, for her Brownie troop. I know the store gets a ton of foot traffic, but couldn’t we have “settled” (begged) to sell our Thin Mints and Samoas at a place where we’d be allowed inside? Did I mention it’s 27 degrees according to the local weather report — but that it feels like 15?

Brown bear, brown bear, would you please eat our cookies, and put me out of my misery?


8 thoughts on “Cookies, bears and snow – oh, my!

  1. Burgh Baby’s Mom – sorry I didn’t get your plea earlier. We would have gladly taken your money! I survived and we sold out most of our stash, but our one hour shift was about 55 minutes too long, in my opinion.

    LDP – uh, I may have heard that line in a bar somewhere once, but you’re right, bears are dangerous. Me trying to get to the last Samoa out of the box? Way more dangerous. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. party girl says:

    4 inches? Good God, we got a foot where I live! I would have bought every box of Thin Mints you have….sadly, that is one of my addictions.

  3. You think you got human oddities at your Wal-Mart? Hmph. You need to come visit my Wal-Mart. I’m guessing that I’m actually one of them since I shop there on a regular basis.

    So, I’ve never understood the Girl Scout cookie shoving thing. I mean, do you actually sell any boxes that way?

  4. Bob: You are brave to try the new cookie. I think most people were nervous!

    Party Girl: We sold out of the Thin Mints, so you would have been sol. As for the snow, most of it melted off the driveway later that day. I’m from MI so snow doesn’t phase me as much as EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THIS AREA, but I really didn’t want to have to shovel.

    Lulu: We sold many cases of boxes. Maybe people just felt bad seeing us shiver. Then again, my daughter was good with her sales pitch: “Get your delicious Girl Scout cookies here. They’re good with every bite you take!” She said it to anyone near us and sang it into the wind. Over. And over. And over. I made her promise that she would never utter those words again once we got into the car — at least until next year. Fortunately, the troop leader is a nice, non-annoying person with reasonable expectations about the whole cookie thing.

  5. Reading your comment above, your daughter sounds like quite the salesman.

    I can’t believe y’all had to sit outside in the 27 degree/feels like 15 degree weather. Couldn’t one of the girls have built a fire out of leaves and twigs and knocked out a merit badge while you were there?

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