And the winner of Trey Ellis’ Bedtime Stories is…

…the lovely and talented Writesome!

I’d like to thank all of the lovely and talented contestants for entering. You are all winners in my eyes!

Now, don’t give me that look. I can sense that you’re rolling your eyes, you know. Yeah, that means you, Lulu. (Just kidding!) 🙂

(If I do any more of these I may give up blogging and become a game show host, what do you think?)

Seriously, check out Trey’s newest book on I wrote to him asking how he’s fared since his move from LA, where much of his book is set, back to Manhattan. I also asked him what was next on his plate. His response:

“My return to New York has been miraculous. The kids seem to love it, I’m much happier, I feel smarter and more engaged, and it seems that women here appreciate a guy who reads and writes book infinitely more than in LA.

Next for me, I plan to sell the film rights to the book and turn it into a killer film. There are also two other films that I need to write. As for my next book, I’m not quite sure yet. I love the idea of more creative non-fiction. My life with my kids continues to inspire me.”

Hey, a guy who reads and writes books AND whose kids inspire him? Definitely someone worth reading.


One thought on “And the winner of Trey Ellis’ Bedtime Stories is…

  1. Hey thanks so much. Maybe we could meet somewhere for the prize claim. That would be the best part of the win. But I’ll understand if the mail is an easier delivery option. Cheers and thanks again. Maybe I can read them aloud and maybe someone will be listening…

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