Be a Part of this Not-So-Life-Changing MadLib

Before I started a blog sometimes I would Google myself — you know, just to see what would come up. I’ve lived a sedate (translation: boring) kind of life, and my last name isn’t a common one, so I’m not sure what I thought I might find outside of embarrassing walking times for a 5k charity walk here or there. But one day I saw my name as part of the World’s Longest MadLib! Yeah, world’s longest*. Cool, huh? The MadLib was created by the 200 attendees of that year’s Erma Bombeck Humor Writer’s conference, using the story of Moby Dick. Being part of the World’s Longest MadLib didn’t really change my life, but going to the Erma conference kind of did: it introduced me to more writers, and I left it thinking that maybe, possibly I could write…something.

I can’t promise to change your life, but I will promise that if you take part in this MadLib I will enter your name for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or the online retailer of your choice, as long as it doesn’t cause me to faint in embarrassment. (Names will be entered one time only, unless some act of God causes me to change my mind…or the comments stop at #3.) All you need to do is leave your answer for the next entry on the list in the corresponding number in the comments section. For example, if you are the first commenter, you would leave a noun, which is listed next to #1 below; the second commenter leaves a verb, etc.

Updated 2/24: OK, 2 MORE adjectives…

No X-rated answers, please. I need 30. Now Go.

1. Noun (tennis ball – Writesome)

2. Verb (sashayed – Cynthia C.)

3. a Dollar Amount ($7.77 – Terry)

4. Verb (stumbled – Uncle Crappy – hi, Uncle C!)

5. Noun (Triptik – Selena)

6. Adjective (loquacious – Madame Queen)

7. Adjective (vivacious – Party Girl)

8. Verb (smash – Lani)

9. Verb (efforted – Curt – yeah, I never heard that as a verb, it must be corporate jargon!)

10. Adjective (blue – Just me)

11. a Number, any number (666 – me – heh, heh)

12. a Measure of Time (day, month, second), or Time Period/Era (a million bazillion infinity – T-Rex…no, he won’t get a chance to win!)

13. Exclamation (“Knights of Columbus, that hurt!” – Curt)

14. Adjective (supercilious – Madame Queen)

15. Verb (spank – Party Girl)

16. Adjective

17. Adjective

18. Body Part (small intestine – Lulu)

19. Adjective (insightful – Steve – thanks, Steve; I know this whole experience has been insightful)

20. a type of Errand or Chore you run/do (wifely relations – Minivan Bohemian)

21. Adjective (woozy – Lulu)

22. Noun (prairie oysters – Just Me)

23. Verb (fall unconscious – Lulu)

24. Noun (homeboy – Curt)

25. name of a Sports Team (Goodfellas – Lani)

26. Noun (chopped liver – Party Girl)

27. Noun (diamond ring – Drama Girl — btw, she tells me she wants a light blue diamond ring for Christmas that’s so big and shiny she can see herself in it — and she wants a box to hold the ring…yeah, right. Get in line, kid. She’s standing over my shoulder reading as I type and wants to know what I mean by that!)

28. Noun (princess – Party Girl)

29. Noun (Vogon Poetry – Alex)

30. a Stage Name for Susan (Love Goddess in Training – Party Girl)

*I’m not sure this claim has been substantiated, but it sounds good.


31 thoughts on “Be a Part of this Not-So-Life-Changing MadLib

  1. Hello, friends. Ok, so I figured I’d pick an easy reader participation thing because I was too lazy to list all my favorite love songs for a love song-inspired post, and here I’ve found myself in my first dilemma — what to do when comments sit in moderation and then are approved later, or responses are left at the same time? Well, don’t worry, I’ll enter everyone who enters something. This is, after all, a completely ridiculous post, and if I end up with a lot of verbs or whatever, I’ll just pick the most amusing one for the madlib.

    So, now we need a #3…a dollar amount.

    What can I say? Genius takes work — or innate genius, which I don’t have.

  2. For #3,how about $7.77?

    Can I play along but not be entered in the contest, Susan? I want to give someone else a chance!

    Thanks again for the super prize.

  3. Ooh, my verb was going to start with “s” too, until I read Cynthia’s comment. Hmmm…. But then I realized that Susan was #7 and Cynthia was #8, so really, I need to provide an adjective for #6… Hmmm…


    That’s a word you don’t hear every day!

  4. Lani says:

    Can I have #25 – Goodfellas, thats the name of two of my soccer teams, womens and co-ed.


    For what stage would you need a stage name? It does make a difference. If it is Broadway…it must be something larger than life!

  5. Hey, Susan, I think you mistyped my word. It’s supposed to be supercilious, not superlicious, though that IS a fantastic word!! I think I’m going to try to add that to my daily conversations. “Hey this chili is superlicious!” 🙂

  6. Madame, thanks for pointing that out. I think I’m beginning to talk like my kids!

    OK, 3 more adjectives — or I’ll fill them in. I know, I know, this has dragged on way too long and has served as a lame attempt to distract you from the fact I haven’t actually posted any “real” updates…but those are coming back soon.

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