Do you like Bedtime Stories?

I do. And you can win a copy of Bedtime Stories, too. Read on!

Adventures in the Land of Single Fatherhood

I recently had the opportunity to read Bedtime Stories: Adventures in the Land of Single-Fatherhood by accomplished novelist and screenwriter Trey Ellis, now available online and in bookstores. In his memoir, Trey chronicles his glamorous — and not so glamorous — life as a newly divorced dad learning to navigate L.A.’s dating scene between bake sales and potty training, screenwriting and co-parenting. Despite the single parent connection, at first I wasn’t sure I’d be able to relate to Trey’s experiences — especially after reading on the book jacket that “his dates have included a model, a French actress, and even an Italian contessa.” As you may have guessed, I’ve only dated royalty of the delusional variety.

But Trey’s account of balancing romantic yearnings with his roles as a devoted father to his two young children, and civil ex-husband to his New Age/new name ex-wife, is 100% down-to-earth, funny and heartfelt. He weaves his tales of dating with snippets of parenting and, occasionally, more painful memories of losing his parents at a young age and battling serious illness. The result is a view into what it’s like to be single again: trying to forgive the past while juggling excitement, insecurity and hope for a new, uncertain future. As someone who has tried to strike a balance between wanting love for myself, and wanting and learning how to love as a parent, I could relate to his experiences a lot — even living miles (and worlds) away from L.A. And the monarchy.

You can read more about Trey Ellis at, where he blogs about being a single dad. (Oh, and he has a resume of writing credits that make me swoon!) You can also find him blogging about politics at

I want to give away a copy of Bedtime Stories for you to enjoy, too. Simply leave me your name in the comments section (even a comment if you want!) by February 18th and I’ll pick one lucky reader from the group!


5 thoughts on “Do you like Bedtime Stories?

  1. Debbie B says:

    As a single mom trying to balance the romantic and mommy duties, I love your site here and I would love to read Trey’s account of the single daddy. Let Love Rule!

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