Celebrity Loves: Where are they now? (and a chance to win!)

You know, watching Rock of Love has made me a bit nostalgic these last few weeks. I mean kissing Bret Michaels after he’s swabbed his groupies’ mouths out with his tongue is about appealing to me as, I don’t know, say, my getting swabbed for a culture of the throat or vagina. Nonetheless, it’s made me reminisce about the great celeb crushes of my past and where they’ve ended up. (Hint: it also gave me an idea for my first Valentine giveaway – check it out below!)

First, there was Shaun Cassidy, the man who’s hair always feathered back WAY better than mine ever did.

Shaun, love the hair! (Photo courtesy of imdb.com)


After I failed to return his calls throughout the 80’s, he moved on to become a writer and producer, so I’d say he’s done okay for himself. Note that I also moved on to love my hair for what it is — straight as a board, fine as baby fuzz — and now accept that I will never, ever be able to wear my hair as well as Shaun.

Next — or maybe it was at the same time — there was Peter Brady, known in the civilian world as Christopher Knight. Aw, man did I heart me some Petey in those days! (Wait, why does that sound dirty?) Anyway, after finishing the series and what seemed like a lifetime of Brady Wedding/Baby/Miscellaneous Life Event movie reunions, he’s now back starring in his own reality TV show, My Fair Brady, entertaining us with his marriage to a much younger, hot model with a ‘tude. They have insightful discussions about fear of commitment, shoe lifts, and boob jobs.

Peter, Peter, Peter…(Photo from imdb.com)

Yeah, that was my reaction, too.

Charles Not in Charge (photo from imdb.com)


Somewhere along the way I fell for Scott Baio, although not as much as my blogging pal Mini did in her youth, but I sort of liked him when he was Charles in Charge. Now, he’s an alleged recovering womanizer who got a woman preggo and in charge of nothing but being all whiny and pathetic about it. Naturally, this means he has a reality TV show on Vh1. Bravo, Scott!

CT, Say it isn’t Soul


I also had a crush on C. Thomas Howell after seeing him in 1983’s The Outsiders.

My crush lasted until CT did a little movie called Soul Man, in which he got into a college by pretending to be a black man, donning shoe polish and ‘fro in the process. The movie did wonders for his career — and for my love.


Oh, and Kevin Costner in Bull Durham was awesome-sexy. Loved it! But that was before he spent a lot of money to swim with the dolphins. Now, he just kind of annoys me, ya know? How could I love such a frowny face?

Get me outta here

And last but not least, there was the actor I lusted after all through college and into my 20’s. Great roles, piercing blue eyes, devilish grin…

Yep, that’s him.

Yep, that’s him.

(And that was before his drunk driving, anti-semitic, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest arrest.)

Looking back, I realize my real love life during those years was actually much better and more uplifting in comparison — and that’s quite a statement. I don’t get crushes on celebrities anymore, which is probably a good thing for me…and them, considering where some ended up.

Who were — or are — your great celebrity loves? Have they fared better than mine?

LET ME KNOW (OR LEAVE ANY COMMENT) AND YOU’LL GET A CHANCE TO WIN A $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM AMAZON! Yeah, $25 because I’m feeling the love, baby. It’s my first Valentine giveaway, plus I need to get moving on the random acts of kindness resolution, so…Leave your comment by February 12th and I’ll have one of my talented children pull one name from a hat in an unaudited drawing.


27 thoughts on “Celebrity Loves: Where are they now? (and a chance to win!)

  1. Hi Susan…I just recently admitted openly about my tween crush on Les McKeown of the Bay City Rollers. Actually, I think I was more like 6 or 7. I wore out the Teen Beat poster and suddenly his mouth was the same colour as my walls. Where is he now? Apparently he’s still touring with his band, “Les McKeown’s Lengendary Bay City Rollers”. He lives in England with his wife and son and as far as Wikipedia tells me, landed in some trouble in 2005 over some drugs? Not my Les. Here he is all grown up. Well, that pic may be a little old, but that’s how I want to remember him, okay?

  2. Wow. I was more into rock stars… always have been.

    It all started with Rick Springfield. Then I got sucked into Duran-land. Wait, I’m still there. 26 years later I am still a huge fan of Duran Duran. I have also moved into the world of Sting. I’ve met the Durans and Sting. They’re all sexy up close. So, I guess they didn’t turn out so bad after all. Well, of course, this is after the sex, drugs and rehabs of their hey day.

    I have a thing for musicians. I still love Harry Connick, Jr. So cute and dreamy…

    Then the bad boys get to me too. I love John Lennon and the sexiest Jim Morrison.

    I could quite possibly go on and on…. 🙂

    I’m a sucker for a good voice, a good lyric or a good song!

  3. Sarah says:

    I happen to think Kevin Costner is pretty hot.

    My first true “hollywood” crush was on Bruce Lee. The way he could flick his nose in defiance to his beastly opponents… the way he could move… and, oh my… that body! plus, he is so cute! that clever and sly glint in his eye.

    Today, though, Eli Manning is my hero!!!! Go Giants!!

  4. Oh, I completely forgot about my love for Davey Jones until I read the comment above. Sigh! I was also in love with Elvis, which was unfortunate because he was already dead. After that it was Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe — basically ALL of The Outsiders!

    Oh, and I had a serious thing for Adam Ant for a while. He made pirates cool long before Johnny Depp.

  5. Lani says:

    Tight white pants, packin the even-now-unbelievable bulge, on the pages of Teen Beat magazine for all the little girlies to see and wonder…what the heck is that thing…LEIF GARRET!

  6. See how many of you remember this guy – Randolph Mantooth from the show Emergency 51? Anyone? He was my first crush! And Susan, there was Shaun Cassidy and David Cassidy too!!! And the guy from JAG – David James Elliott is another cutie in my book.

  7. Ooooo!! Exciting! What a good idea! I love amazon.

    Now! On to my celebrity crushes: (from earliest to latest)

    Sean Connery (from james bond days…my dad had all the old ones)
    Val Kilmer (in The Saint)
    Matt Dillon
    Colin Firth (I KNOW! But have you seen Love Actually?)
    Orlando Bloom (Legolas, not Paris)(i know. Im wierd)
    Matt Damon (Bourn identity, not the one who &*E#d sarah silverman)

    Thats about all for now. Though Im sure there are more. 🙂

  8. Selena says:

    Oh, this is fun! I didn’t think I had that many until I started reading the lists of others.

    Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, and Peter Tork (sometimes) when I was a child. Mike Nesmith for some reason never did for me when I was 8.

    Donnie Osmond was the biggy when I hit puberty. Yes, I bought Tiger Beat just so I could plaster his 8×10 glossy pic on my bedroom wall. Saw him on TV a few weeks ago and I think he still looks good at 50. Alas, don’t have the desire to put his picture up in my bedroom though.

    I kinda liked David Cassidy, but he was a bit old for me at 10. Danny Bonaduce had a ‘something’ appeal for me– attitude I guess, and he still does.

    Eric Roberts in 70’s-80’s movies. Harrison Ford from “Star Wars” to now! Oh yes, Mel Gibson when I was in college in the early 80’s.

    JFK Jr.-goggly over him throughout my teens.

    Sean Connery after 60? For some reason I find him much more attractive as an older man than when he was in his 40’s doing James Bond flicks.

    Brad Pitt and oh help me, whenever I see him in videos..JON BON JOVI!

    I vaguely remember Randy Mantooth–very cute as I recall, I think my cousin was celeb- in love with him.

  9. I had a big crush on Kurt Russell, back in the “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” days.

    I also was a Monkees fan before I could talk. We have Super-8 footage of me dancing while watching their shoes. Mickey Dolenz was my big favorite, but I also liked Mike Nesmith.

    Later I was sweet on Tommy Shaw of Styx. Shut. Up.

    And then I moved into my Anglophile years. John Cleese, Eric Idle, and Michael Palin were high on my list of heartthrobs. Then Pete Townsend of The Who. And Sting.

    Then the big one: Harrison Ford. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” remains one of my favorite movies. Can’t wait for the new one! (Some loves never die.)

  10. Hey, guys: thanks for playing along…and I think many of your crushes have done much better for themselves than mine did.

    Reading through your lists, I can’t believe I forgot about Harrison Ford! Thank you to Selena (hi, thanks for coming by!) and Cindy for reminding me…I LOVED him as Han Solo and in Raiders of the Lost Ark. LOVED Star Wars. (Of course, once Harrison graduated from being frozen by Bobo Fett to nearly falling into a lava pit in the Temple of Doom, he donned an earring and started dating a woman who is as big as my pinky.) I also liked Mike Nesmith of the Monkees, even if he refused to have anything to do with a reunion later on. (Lighten up, Mike!) And, like Lulu and Lauren, I do have a serious crusherooni on Colin Firth — have you seen Pride & Prejudice?? Be still my heart, Mr. Darcy! But I’m hesitant to talk about my crush openly because I don’t want to ruin his career.

    Leif Garrett, Bruce Lee, Jon Bon Jovi, Monty Python, Bay City Rollers…wow, what a group! Damn, kids — if nothing else, I feel old!

    Lexicon: you get special recognition for being the only guy to comment so far, but more importantly for saying this is a great blog…you know, even if it had to do with Soul Man.

    All you other readers: there’s still time to leave a comment — with details on your crushes or not…

  11. Lani says:

    Now if we are talking footwear my friend…I am your GIRL. My Mom calls me lil Amelda and my kids are on the same track. Even the lil soccer stud. I have over 100 pairs of shoes and I just bought two more pairs last weekend.

    Don’t even get me started…

  12. Ok, when I get a second I’m going to do a full post on this topic. But until I get to that, here’s the list:

    – Eve Plum. Yes, my first celebrity crush was on Jan Brady.
    – Kristy McNichol. Yes, my second celebrity crush was on someone who plays for the other team.
    – Krista Tesreau. Yes, my third celebrity crush was on Mindy Lewis from Guiding Light.
    – Natalie Merchant
    – Kate Dillon
    – Current celebrity I’m most likely to stalk — Sabine Ehrenfeld. The Overstock.com babe. It’s all about the O.

  13. The remark about Bret Michaels hit the nail on the head, Susan. Classic!

    My crushes included Adam West, who played Batman in the old series that repeated while my mother made dinner; David Cassidy, who’s hair flipped back as well as Shaun’s; and then Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

    Current crush? Hugh Dancy, Andrew McCarthy, Colin Firth (as Darcy in P&P and Bridget Jones I but not II, for some reason).

  14. Selena says:

    Oh, oh, oh! How could I forget! Adrian Paul when he was ” The Highlander” tv series. I remember my then 10 yr. old son saying, “MOM! You’re in love with guy who cuts people’s heads off!”

    So be it. I was.

  15. David Cassidy inspired a playground hopscotch-kinda game that went,
    “I love David Cass-i-dy” (turn)
    “‘Cause he’s gonna marry me”

    But even he was surpassed by my crush on Starsky (of “and Hutch” fame) otherwise known as Paul Michael Glaser. I was crushed when I read in Tiger Beat or Teen Beat that he had married a former schoolteacher named Elizabeth — yes the Elizabeth Glaser that went on to found the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation after she contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion and unknowingly passed it to her children. Talk about a hero.

  16. MinivanBohemian says:

    I am SO over Chachi right now! He has not only taken a wife but has also sired a child with this other woman. Hell hath no fury like Mini scorned. It is enough to make any reasonable Tiger-Beat-Stud, obsessed woman turn her stalking efforts to someone else. If only Leif Garrett hadn’t gone so wrong….
    Anyone who was big after I hit puberty just doesn’t quite do it for me. Although hearing Patrick Warburton’s voice or David Grohl’s or seeing Anthony Kiedis’ hot body while he belts one out…where is my husband? I think he is about to get used.

  17. Steve says:

    Simply put, Daisy Duke… there were others but she really stood out from the group…

    If we come to 2008 – Jennifer Anniston… who could blame a guy??

  18. This Tuesday, February 12, on Oprah:

    TUESDAY’S SHOW: David Cassidy and The Cosby Kids: Where Are They Now?

    Watch a room full of grown women lose their minds and their clothes–David Cassidy is here! Then, the Cosby kids are all grown up.

  19. Julie (aka Mrs. Subdivided) says:

    I remember having a Shaun Cassidy t-shirt. It was light blue and had his photo on the front. He was probably my earliest crush – a la Hardy Boys days.

    Then I moved on to John Taylor of Duran Duran. I was mad crazy about them and still go to see them in concert.

    Some of my other crushes were:

    (a) Stephen Collins (“Tales of the Gold Monkey” tv show) who later became the dad on “7th Heaven” which I never actually watched.

    (b) Jameson Parker who played AJ Simon in the tv show “Simon and Simon”. He apparently had/has a role on “JAG” recently.

    (c) C. Thomas Howell from The Outsiders.

    (d) Davey Jones from The Monkees.

    My current crushes are George Clooney and Clive Owen. They have been designated as my “freebies” by Mr. Subdivided. So if George or Clive are reading this….I have a list, you are both on it and it’s laminated (<< name the source of the last phrase).

  20. Angela says:

    Wow, after reading everyone’s crushes, it reminded me I had a few before I built up to my ultimate crush.

    I remember when I was younger, imagining being rescued by yes, none other than Randolph Mantooth (John Gage) [which, in hindsight, i find hysterical, since I am still terrified of needles]…I don’t see how he would have been able to start the IV with D5W ringers lactate on me!!! I also had a “secret” even bigger crush on Dr. Kelly Bracket (Robert Fuller). Secret because I was incredibly young…much younger than him, and I knew he would never fall in love with me…but there were the silly thoughts that he would adopt me.

    Then the miraculous thing happened. The Hardy Boys series started, and Shaun Cassidy was in my room every Sunday night for an hour, until I started recording the programs, and then he came into my room nightly. It was wonderful. I watched the episodes over and over and over again. I bought every issue of any and every magazine that might have even the smallest photo of him in it, and would carefully cut each one out of the publication, then painstakeingly tape the back in a manner that would allow me to remove the photo from the wall without damaging wall or photo in any way. Photos that were as small as ½ inch square were big enough to make it up onto the wall montage, and they did. Looking back now, I had a freaking shrine to this man.

    Oh well. I still think he is amazingly cute, and would still go out with Shaun/Steve (or whatever he is going by these days)!!!

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