Did someone just call me “Zuul”?

evil fridget

I’ve been back at work for 2 days now. Oh, man. I’m a hard worker, but it’s been tough going back.

One of the first emails I saw on Tuesday morning was from our department secretary with a warning about the kitchenette on our floor. I wish I had saved it, but it was something like:

This falls under the “Don’t shoot the messenger” category:

Facilities is threatening to take away our refrigerator and microwave if we don’t start keeping them clean. They say they’ve never seen such a piggy group and there’s only one other floor worse than ours…

I’ve seen the refrigerator. People put things in there never to be claimed again. People use it to store party trays of composting food before and after events…from like 3 months ago. People eat from the biggest darn lunch containers I’ve ever seen and keep piling them in, never finding the spills or messes they create because there are too many layers to dig through to find the bottom.ghostbusters.jpg

I caught a bit of Ghostbusters over the weekend and the refrigerator scene where Sigourney Weaver sees the temple and flames reminds me a lot of our office fridge.

We have a lot of people crammed onto our floor using one standard size refrigerator (probably 75 employees, maybe closer to 100), but puhlease! Can’t we act like civilized humans?

And, yes, on Tuesday after the long weekend it had been cleaned by our poor facilities staff and the shelves were bare. I easily slid my (small) container of homemade soup in there. By yesterday it was packed again. I brought soup in for a second day in a row and had to rearrange a bunch of items to find a spot to squeeze my (reasonably sized) container into. Today I’m buying. It’s just easier.


9 thoughts on “Did someone just call me “Zuul”?

  1. Homemade soup? Please tell me about it! I make some myself, and I’d love to hear about yours.

    You saw a bit of ‘Ghostbusters’ over the weekend? Believe it or not, I rented ‘Tootsie!’ I hadn’t seen that one in years.

  2. Terry: Chicken noodle, nothing extravagant BELIEVE ME. (I’m not much into cooking.) Threw everything in the crock pot, works like a charm. I can send you the recipe.

    Yes, I was flipping through channels and caught the fridge scene of Ghostbusters. I only watched a little past that, but I forgot how much I enjoyed it at the time it was released — and how funny Rick Moranis was as the nerdy neighbor.

  3. Yes, but when the plague hits and you have to save civilization, you’ll have a nice crop of penicillin at your disposal. That’s why my fridge is a mess…medical contingency plan. (Can you tell I just saw I Am Legend?)

  4. Hmm…this sounds mysteriously like our office refrigerator. We recently got an e-mail requesting that we only store a day’s worth of food in the freezer, as people were bringing in their frozen food dinners for the month!

  5. I love the idea of the fridge mess morphing into the Ghostbusters demonically possessed fridge. Though I’ve had some seriously demonic mold growing in those tupperware containers that get shoved in the back of the fridge and forgotten about….

  6. I love the Ghostbusters reference. That note reminds me of the one I got from the neighboring department asking me not to heat up my garlicky lunches in their microwave. How they could barely stand to work from all the fumes. How they’re mostly a salad and yogurt type over there and only use their microwave to heat their hot tea. Well, excuuuuse the heck out of me!

  7. Julie: If it’s 2 people you like (and presumably you like yourself and your hubby), then I don’t see a problem. It’s all the strange people I don’t like that worry me – I don’t want my food touching theirs!

    Beta Mom: Good thinking! Your fridge may stink to high heaven, but you’ll already have a built in pharmacy. Who said you couldn’t be an Alpha Mom 🙂

    Lulu: Do we work at the same place? Was that you dressed as a French bar maid? (See my comment on Lulu’s post about her wishes to go back to Paris for this to make sense. http://luluslaundryblog.com/2008/01/24/i-see-london-i-see-france%e2%80%a6/

    Honestly, I shouldn’t multi-task, people.)

    Elizabeth: Oh, you missed one of my earlier posts about the fridge gone bad/fuzzy: http://susancourtad.com/2007/07/19/good-day-good-intentions/

    Madame: You should accidentally leave your garlicky container in an errant wastebasket near their desks. Even if they don’t eat the garlic, they can wear it!

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