A thing for Hanes?

As you know, I love checking my blog stats almost as much as I love a good spammy email (although, frankly, my interest in those is steadily waning — maybe this means I’m getting a life in 2008??). I’m always curious how new readers find my site. Yesterday, someone typed this into their handy search engine and found their way here:

“divorced white women who wear pantyhose”

It’s true, but I don’t even want to know why this was search criteria…


12 thoughts on “A thing for Hanes?

  1. You know…divorcedwhitewomenwhowhearpanyhose.com is probably available. I smell a business opportunity!

    My personal favorite from recent searches on Manslations was “How do elephants behave” which…now I only wish I could help this person.

  2. Jeff: I didn’t read your earlier Manslation posts, but, hey, I won’t question what’s in those archives of yours!

    Tonya/Steve: Some questions are better left unasked. Steve, you do what you need to do.

  3. I keep getting mother daughter naked pictures. It’s starting to freak me out. The only reason they get my blog is because of those naked baby doll pictures I posted. Creep-y!

  4. Madame and Writesome: you both have me beat, hands down (or clicks down, as the case may be) on bizarre trails leading to your blogs. We’re all so freakin’ nice, too — what gives? (And you there, Ms. Writesome, thanks a bunch for bequeathing me the slut search term…and for the thumbs up on my Manslations post!)

    By the way, investigative reporter friend Steve, who sent me this over the weekend after being unable to resist googling this phrase:

    “here’s one of the more interesting links from googling ‘divorced white women who wear pantyhose’


    you were the first 2 hits when I googled it… too funny…”

    Yes, Steve. I’m learning it’s a funny/strange world on this Internet. And, no, everyone, I will not answer the Yahoo question in the link.

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