Wistful thinking

My Maui JimsToday I was in the eyeglass store getting new, NON-prescription lenses put into my lovely and too-expensive-to toss Maui Jim sunglasses. As I looked around at the displays of designer funky-hip-pretty-cool frames, I said to the girl helping me, “You know, they never made these kinds of glasses when I was growing up…”

She told me I could still buy a pair, just to look smart and all. I declined, but felt a little sad — a teeny-tiny identity crisis after having worn the stupid things (but not really hating them like some people) for 30 years. And, ironically 3 guys — 1 friend and 2 would-be suitors — told me just in the last week that they really liked the way I looked in my glasses. Figures. Guess I’ll have to keep a pair in case I need to add sexy librarian to my relationship repertoire one day.

So am I having buyer’s remorse on the whole LASIK thing?

HELL NO! Besides, I have reading glasses to look forward to in my 40’s! 😉

Barring any unforeseen (hee, hee, “unforeseen“) events, this concludes the epic tale of my transformation from glasses to no glasses. Thank goodness for you it was only one week’s worth of posts about lasers, sleep goggles (which I learned today are really called “eye shields”), eye drops, Sharpies, etc. My eyes and I thank you for humoring us.


4 thoughts on “Wistful thinking

  1. Ya know, I always loved the cool frames but it turns out, they don’t look so cool when you put really thick lenses in them. Ugh, it sucks to be blind.

  2. Somebody, Nicole Kidman I think, has tons of pairs of glasses with just plain old glass in them because she likes the way they look. I have certain outfits that I think look better with glasses. Maybe you could keep a pair around, just for old times sake!

  3. Lordy, I work with a man who wears glasses just because he likes the way they look on him. He owns several pairs in different styles and colors. And no, he’s not gay. Just a diva.

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