Over the edge

Two nights ago I blew my no potty mouth resolution big time. It was 2 a.m. and I couldn’t get comfortable AT ALL wearing my plastic post-op sleep goggles and trying to fall asleep on my back. Every time I’d drift off I’d feel that sensation of falling and jerk awake. It didn’t help matters that I had also crammed in 6 episodes of the first season of Lost that day, watching an extra creepy episode about someone trying to kidnap and harm pregnant gal Claire right before bed. So, at approximately 2:15 in the morning, I believe I yelled out something that sounded a lot like:

Goddammit, I hate these F*#@!G goggles! F–K!!

Note that I used actual letters in place of the “*#@!–” parts (honestly, it would be very hard to say those symbols and still sound angry); I’m just trying to clean up my act here. But I suppose if no one was around to hear me swear, it didn’t really count, right?

I promise this is my last complaint about the goggles. I’m almost done having to wear them and last night I slept better. I just get a little crazy when I don’t get my beauty rest.


6 thoughts on “Over the edge

  1. You are so damn funny. I swear I wish we could sit and talk over a bottle of wine. I could use a good evening filled with giggles.

    Glad you enjoyed my Five X 5. I’m always sappy. I like that yours is funny!

    Eh, we always want something other than what we have, right?

    Can’t wait to see you without the goggles!

  2. I think that I’m going to start swearing out loud in pound signs, asterisks, and other such symbols.

    Me after tripping over Bindi: Pound sign dog! Get your fat asterisk out of my way!

    Me yelling at random traffic violators:: Dollar sign you, you piece of percentage!

    Well, maybe not so much.

  3. Ah, good suggestions for the next time I have trouble falling asleep! Normally any of those work fairly well, but when I get uncomfortable AND tired I become a complete luney.

    BTW, Lulu, I think Bindy would take you very seriously and listen to “Pound sign dog! Get your fat asterisk out of my way!” And then she’d wag her tail and pee on your floor 🙂

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