Note to Self: Stare. At. The. Light.

It’s late. I just got home from work a little while ago (right before 9 p.m.) The only muscles I seemed to have strained today were in my eyes — unless you count squeezing my glutes to keep them from spilling over the sides of my chair. Sigh. So much for getting a jump on this year’s exercise resolution.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short because my eyeballs feel like they’re gonna fall out of my head. Which would mean that spending money on LASIK surgery tomorrow would be a bit of a waste. Yes, tomorrow’s the rescheduled surgery. Two rules of preparation stick out in my mind:

  1. Among items such as deodorant, lotions and perfumes I was told not to wear hairspray to the surgical procedure… I guess so the laser does not ignite my hair?
  2. “It is imperative that you follow the physician’s instructions to stare at the fixating light during the laser treatment.”

If you don’t…


I’m going to stay offline for a few days to rest; however, I can only hope I’m in tip-top form by Sunday night so I can watch the season premier of Rock of Love. I’m sure it will be a sight to see. Or not.

Have a good weekend,



8 thoughts on “Note to Self: Stare. At. The. Light.

  1. “unless you count squeezing my glutes to keep them from spilling over the sides of my chair.” snort-I do that on a regular basis. Doesn’t seem to be helping.

    GOOD LUCK ON THE SURGERY!! I’ll be thinking about you!

  2. Wow. Good luck with that girlfriend. And let me know how it goes. I’ve always wanted to try LASIK.

    Then you’ll have to change your profile picture to show us your beautiful eyes!! 🙂

  3. Indeed, good luck.

    When Julie had her eye surgery done and told me the bit about having to keep your eyes fixed on one location, I tried it myself.

    I’d have two big smoking craters where my eyes were if I ever attempted LASIK.

  4. Well, there goes lasik for me! There’s be no way I could stare at that light. When I go in for my regular appointment and they have me stare at that little light I always start blinking, eyes watering like mad.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey everyone, thanks for your wishes! The surgery went well on Friday and as of yesterday a.m. (one day post-op) the typical grittiness feeling was almost gone. My vision was also pretty stable at 20/20 — very cool! My eyes just felt kind of tired, as if I had my contacts in for too long and today that sensation is even less in spite of a restless night trying to sleep on my back with the fool protective goggles on.

    Will write more early this week, but thanks again for checking in! I’m trying hard to stay away from the PC, but you can see it didn’t last long.

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