Out of chemistry

Well, it appears Chemistry is out of chemistry for me; they’ve exhausted their inventory of eligible men who meet my criteria — and those who don’t. I mean, if I see one more “match” with a 40-something guy who lives with his parents, or who wants to meet a “pretty country girl,” I’m gonna lose all the chocolate I’ve scarfed down in the last few days. (Our department gets a lot of vendors sending us food stuff for the holidays. Oh, my clogging arteries!)

I’m having a little better luck on the other site I recently joined. I probably won’t subscribe for long — maybe through the end of January because, after 2 months of online dating this go around, my interest is waning. Fast. But this isn’t the best time of the year for doing much besides consuming chocolate, so we’ll see what happens after New Year’s. In the meantime, I had a nice lunch date on Tuesday and we’re going out again this weekend. After that, who knows — but two dates in a week? It’s a Christmas miracle.


12 thoughts on “Out of chemistry

  1. Beta Mom and Madame Queen: I think maybe Mary Ingalls would be a better choice. Still lives with her parents — and she’s blind, so she can’t tell he looks nothing like the 10-year-old photo he posted online 😉

  2. A pretty country girl? Tell the jerk he can probably get Pettycoat Junction reruns on DVD. Failing that, there’s gotta be a copy of Lynn Anderson’s Greatest Hits in a bargain bin somewhere.

    Good luck with the dates. You’re smart, funny and attractive; in short, a good catch.

  3. Here’s an idea….have you tried taking a class at a Community College? Sounds funny but that’s how I met my husband and so did my friend. I was tired of the usual bar dating scene (and the online dating hadn’t started back then) when out of the blue I got a flyer from CCAC and, of all things, a volleyball class caught my attention … so I signed up for it – turned out to be a lot of fun. My girlfriend, who had lost her first husband to lukemia and had been through a rough year afterwards being a single mom decide to join more for the social aspect (we used to go out drinking afterwards) and go to know of the other guys in the class….now we’ve both been married 8 years (we got married 6 months apart)….just a suggestion……..for a “pretty country girl” like your self!!!

  4. Susan,
    2 dates in one week. Good for you. I took myself off of all of the sites about six months ago. It’s been an on and off thing for me the past 7 years. I had one who looked like a winner. Chemistry. Honesty!!!! Hours on the phone. He introduced me to his adorable son, his hilarious best friend, and believe it or not his ex wife, who he has a great relationship with. After an evening with her, her son, and my boyfriend, I could understand why. His son, his friend since grade school, and ex all liked me. His ex spent the evening telling us all about her idiot ex boyfriend. He was the one pushing and pursuing. I always thought my friends who jumped into relationships with guys they barely knew were nuts, but they’re all still together. So, I figured what the hell. I was with my ex for 25 years. My granny divorced her 4th husband at 48 ( almost 2 years younger than me) and was alone until she passed at 96. No men…None. My Mom finally left her sociopath 2nd husband at 57. She’s 73 and has never been with another man. She never will. She told me she hates men and sex. I was NOT going to follow the family tradition. It goes back farther.
    Anyway,the new beau was transferring up where I lived. I told him he could stay here for a couple weeks until he found a place. I’d say “Big Mistake”. Actually it ended something that could have become really painful had it dragged on longer, had we continued just dating. It was too bad. We were a lot alike ( probably too much.Probably the problem)After 2 weeks of living together, we went for a walk. I knew what was coming. He told me he just wasn’t feeling it and he didn’t want to be a leach or lead me on. We both got drunk and cried. He sang to me. He is a total James Taylor look a like when Baby James had long hair. He stayed for a couple of days, then he said he couldn’t stay it wasn’t right. I found out much later that he had lived in his car for several weeks before finding a place. We remain friends. He always said he wanted to get back into theatre, which was one of the things that drew us together. So, I took him to a play and introduced him to all of my friends. One in particular I thought would be good for him to know because she produced, wrote,directed the big fundraiser every year which was a legend series, Elvis, Johnny Cash, etc. He composed music, sang, acted. He was so lonely up here.He’d lived in the same area his whole life until then. He’d come over at lunch and we’d exchange online dating stories. It took a year, but he and my girlfriend finally did the audition. Of course, he got in. A few weeks later she called me to talk about him and to ask if he was for real. He didn’t have a perfect past, so I asked if he had told her his stories. She said yes. They got together 4 years ago. They got married this summer. He likes a woman who wears the pants, I knew, but his best friend confirmed it. Hence our problems.I like the man to wear the pants. Can you believe it? I find my friend a husband by online dating. Where’s mine!? Right around this time of the year, probably because I’m alone, I usually sign up again. Trouble is, I seriously haven’t had ANY success on any of them. Money is scarce….so how do you choose which one will reap any benefits? You can’t interact without paying. And seriously, there are still a lot of the same guys as 7 years ago with the same pictures. Of course who am I to talk? At least I update my profile and picture. Don’t want “The Drop Face”. Any suggestions? BTW, what’s PFO?
    Thank you for your patience with my rambling. Happy Holidays.

  5. Writesome: I’m with Lisa…what does PFO stand for. Obviously something not good along the lines of “we just weren’t a good match.”

    Lisa and Friends: Well, I guess online dating DOES work for some. I do see some of the same men online as when I last perused the site a few years ago. I don’t know what it means — and I don’t necessarily think it means anything “bad” (they’re losers, neurotic, players, etc.). After all, I’m single and back there, too, and I am a damn good catch. (Thank you, Terry.) Don’t give up, but maybe branching out your social circle in other ways (a la Beth’s suggestion above, taking a class you wouldn’t normally take) would be a good way to keep your mind focused on you and what you have, and not what you don’t. Of course, I’m writing all that for me, too! No worries about rambling, either. This is rambling central!

  6. I can’t wait to hear all about it. What are you gonna wear??? (especially after all that chocolate!) Ha!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. We’ll all be waiting to read your updates….

    Have fun.

  7. It’sbeen 7 years.I’ve tried community college classes. I swear to you, everyone of my classmates were so much younger than me,the instructor even commented on it. I think he did because I must have drawn attention to myself because I could answer questions about things that happened in the 50’s, 60’s,and 70s. I’ve tried clubs, like the Sierra Club. I’m involved in several theatre groups, I sing. I live in retirement, college kid, happy family county. Trying to find SINGLE, unbroken, normal men somewhat older than my sons or somewhat younger than my Dad would be now ( he died in 1994 at 63)is not so easy.

  8. P.S.
    The main reason I do sign up again is as I’ve said before: Pretty much all of my single friends are either married or living with someone they met online. I thought the world had gone mad with all of these women meeting men online and a few months later they’re married or living together. So, far all of them are still together and apparently happy. I’ve refriended 3 times in the past 7 years and the last group all hooked up in the past few months.

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