Yarn dolls at the playground

try-it.jpgTonight I went to Drama Girl’s Brownie meeting to help out with her troop’s “Try It” activity. A Try It, as the name implies, is an activity that fosters creativity and friendship and teamwork and learning something new and blah-blah-blahbadee-blah-blah-blah. Drama Girl likes her troop and so do I (as much as one likes such things) but tonight I wasn’t bargaining for the role of Mom of Ye Yarn Dolls.

Let me just stop for a moment and say that I understand it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a yarn doll. However, I was not expecting to have to sew buttons on 10 dolls for the eyes (that’s 20 buttons in total, if you’re not up on your math), especially when I saw that the other mom volunteering was sitting there at the second craft station observing the girls make paper bag puppets, and the troop leader at the third craft station was mainly watching the girls draw on cardboard boxes to decorate the “set” for their puppet show at the end. (Actually she also helped them prepare for their skits, but that’s besides the point. I was being asked to sew on yarn hair and yarn mouths and…)

So we’re standing there at the start of activities and DG was at my yarn doll station. The troop leader comes over and demonstrates how to make one for us. Again, not rocket science, but my daughter kind of shakes her head and says, “My mom’s not really that crafty.”

I was tempted to remind her that while I may not be overly “kid crafty” I have painted 90% of the walls in our home — including sponge painting my bedroom and color washing the powder room — that I finished her wood furniture MYSELF so that it looks better than anything in Pottery Barn Kids, that I stained the bookcase and her brother’s furniture, and that I can point out at least 5 decorative items and one grecian urn-potted plant thing that I made. But I figured that would be counterproductive. I think she’s just annoyed with me because I keep putting off letting her and T-Rex make something with the Floam I bought for them back in the spring.yarn doll

The girls liked their yarn dolls, which I’m guessing will fall apart and be eye-less by tomorrow morning, and most used them in their puppet shows. When it was Drama Girl’s and her partner’s turn, we were told their skit had to do with Playground Safety, which went something like this:

Blue Yarn Doll (Drama Girl): Wow, look at us here on the playground. Uh-oh! Look at those kids! They’re coming over here…they want us to do drugs!

Pink Yarn Doll (DG’s Partner): We don’t do drugs!

Blue Yarn Doll: No, we don’t do drugs!! And look! Now they want us to drink alcohol. We don’t drink alcohol! If you drink too much it makes you dizzy and weird and then you crash your car and the police chase you and —

no-smoke.jpgPink Yarn Doll (nodding yarn head fervently): Then you go to jail! You shouldn’t drink or smoke —

Blue Yarn Doll (jumping in surprise): Yeah, now the kids want us to smoke cigarettes! Smoking is bad for you. We don’t ever smoke —

Troop Leader (trying not to laugh): Girls! PLAYGROUND. SAFETY. That’s your topic.

Blue Yarn Doll (looks kind of surprised at interruption, but recovers nicely): Okay! Let’s go on the slide. We should only go up the ladder…

It turns out that the idea of rejecting evil influences at the playground hadn’t even come up in their rehearsal. (It is good to see they are taking the topics taught in health class to heart, though.)

Drama Girl told me on the way out she really liked the role-playing and thought maybe she wanted to be an actress when she grew up. Why doesn’t this surprise me?


5 thoughts on “Yarn dolls at the playground

  1. I was thinking the same thing as MQ. But, shouldn’t they also be looking for needles and condoms on the ground? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Gosh, we could have used your crafty little self last week when we (er, GR) was painting our bedroom furniture!

  2. You’re right, I need to tell her about those other things to look out for. Maybe we could make necklaces out of the used condoms for our next Try It? Or maybe a better option is to hire a heroin addict babysitter to do that craft, since I’m not crafty enough.

  3. Yes, Mini, yes it is safe and definitely to be encouraged. I think, however, it wasn’t exactly what the Brownies had in mind. It was very funny to listen to, though.

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