The devil made me do it

Oh, how I marvel at the Internet and those crazy blog stats! I see a lot of search terms leading people to my site that (not surprisingly) have something to do with buying tickets for or trying to write a one woman show. But yesterday this one stood out:

2007 email contacts of church of satan

Well, now, that’s one I didn’t expect. Does this mean they update their list annually? What kind of direct marketing do they send?

Become debt-free today the Devil’s way…

Be a Wicked Worship All-Star! Register for our 2-day Annual Sacrilege and Sacrifice Workshop, this year held in Las Vegas! Opening night party at Tao with headliner Britney Spears!!

(Sorry, Brit. Some force of evil — and immaturity — made me write that. Get some help, woncha?)

Strangely enough, this search term was juxtaposed with “mad neighborhood parties” and “” Strange indeed.


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