My craziness dost spilleth over

Hey, I used the idea from my I Will Beat Myself Silly with a Limp Lizard post and drafted a holiday “Spill” for the folks at They liked it!

Better yet, they’ve PUBLISHED it: check it out!!

Thank you. Now I must go kiss the vinyl dinosaur under my coffee table and toss little plastic bits into the air.

BTW, according to the experts, “the name ‘dinosaur’ means ‘most fearsome lizard’. However, dinosaurs were not lizards, though related to them.”


Still there


6 thoughts on “My craziness dost spilleth over

  1. Jen says:

    Don’t forget about the toys that require the parent to put it together and apply a thousand stickers on it to make it look authentic. Remember the barbie doll house from 2005? It took me almost 3 hours to put that thing together. At least Miss L is still playing with it 🙂

  2. Cindy, Jen and Madame, thanks, glad you like it. This one was fun — and surprisingly easy/fast — to pound out. Jen, yes I very clearly remember the Barbie House of 2005 and the 75 stickers it came with. You better believe I was cursing that night! Madame, can you tell I had fun with the original post, too? I mean, I link to it like everywhere I can. I’m electronically slapping myself silly with it. Bear with me!

  3. You are awesome! I read it and rated it…5 stars! Oh boy, do I hate the plastic. And it’s not only the toys! This weekend I was trying to open a small mouse that I purchased for my laptop, and it took nothing short of 10 minutes and a razor blade to get into the damn thing! Argh!

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