First snow

“We have a dusting! We have a dusting!”

Overnight we received our first dusting of snow, which can mean only two things:

  1. This entire region will be in a tizzy all day because, you know, this kind or precipitation doesn’t happen but, like, EVERY YEAR.
  2. The TV meteorologists will become re-energized, gearing up for their SEVERE STORM WARNINGS promo clips, which they can run between now and April without regard as to whether there really is a severe storm on the horizon.

Personally, I just hope my beloved Prius does okay on the roads.

On another note, getting to work by or before 8 was a fantasy that ended approximately 2-3 weeks after it started. Sitting here in my jams slurping coffee, listening to the traffic reports, all I can think of is how much I wish I could work at home today… but off we go to get ready to hit the snowy roads.

Have a great Friday! For those of you curious about online dating myths and realities, check back this weekend.


6 thoughts on “First snow

  1. SNOW??! Aw man, I’m so jealous. My hubs and I both the week after Christmas off and we’re thinking of driving up to WV to see relatives. The only reason it is remotely appealing is the fact that there is a possibility that we could see some snow — something neither of my kids have ever seen. And how sad is that?

  2. MinivanBohemian says:

    Snow is merely a Republican-created conspiracy to prove Al Gore’s theories wrong and make him look as foolish as a polar bear with a bikini wax. Don’t fall for it! (But drive safely.)

  3. Don’t miss it too much…it’s gone again. And, believe me, all you ladies of the South, you won’t miss it when it’s 20 degrees and the driveway is covered. I don’t have my 4 wheel drive to just drive over it anymore 😦

  4. Please…keep the snow up North where it belongs. ;>)

    In the South, the mere mention of snow or frozen pecipitation sends drivers into a frenzied panic that shuts down interstates and causes a shortage of bread and milk.

  5. LL: your last comment about the frenzied panic applies up here, too. Funny thing is, we get snow every year. You’d think that would lessen the panic, but it doesn’t!

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