My new love

Dear Diary,

I just had to write today about my new appliance — you know, the one that I just CAN’T BELIEVE I spent $140 on yesterday! I mean, I had read about these in all the women’s magazines and how good they were, but I had no idea what I was missing. I’ve been getting by with my old cheap one, which does the trick and all, but lately it seems to be taking me longer and longer to finish. Maybe I’ve worn it out, or maybe I’m just fickle or something. Some days, it takes me 6 or 7 minutes to get the job done, some days 10 or longer — I don’t understand!!

But then I tried this out and WOW! I was done in like 5 minutes flat, its ergonomic shape was easy to hold and it got so hot! No wonder the box says, “Quick and Precise every time!” I’ll say! My hair looked so terrific when I went grocery shopping I hoped I’d meet a cute guy to redeem myself from that embarrassing time when I bought the mothballs. (No luck, Diary. When you go shopping during a Steelers game there aren’t many men around.)

Here’s a photo of my new love.

What? What did you think I was writing about?! Diary, you need to get a life and remember a uvula is NOT what you think it is.




7 thoughts on “My new love

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! I’ve been wanting one of those but can’t quite bring myself to drop the cash. Is it really and truly worth it? Wait, don’t tell me, cause if it is then I’ll just be depressed.

  2. cynthiacloskey says:

    If you’d spent $140 on the personal appliance you seemed to be writing about, I would sure hope it got the job done.

  3. MQ: Well, this was based on only one day of using it, but it did seem to work much better. Or maybe I just have to rationalize spending that kind of money — so don’t be depressed yet! And if you’re really wanting one, the holidays are coming up…

  4. The most that I’ve spent on a hairdryer is $40. Maybe I should think about spending more? Would all of my hair issues be solved?

    Actually, the most that I’ve even spent on an appliance is $90 for my glorious ceramic flat iron. Lord knows what I would do without that thing…

  5. LL and Madame: I have to say I think the money is worth it. My hair is done in 5 minutes and the styling is so much easier. The hair dryer must shoot out little magic rays or something.

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