Remedial Anatomy Lesson

Chapter 8,231 from “Kids Say the Darndest Things”:

My 6-year old told me yesterday he had something funny to tell me.

“Mom, what if a bug ate your uvula?! Ha, ha, ha!”

I wish I could’ve captured the stunned Holy Crap, What Just Came out of My Child’s Mouth?! expression because it took me a few seconds to remember that the uvula is the thingy that hangs down from the roof of your mouth in the back of your throat…and not, er, something else.

Why this is funny to him, though, is another story.

It’s been a long, long week. TGIF!!


9 thoughts on “Remedial Anatomy Lesson

  1. Beta Mom, Bob and Jenn: Yes, I’m afraid my mind went completely to the gutter on this one. There’s something about that word. My son is constantly saying nonsensical things, so I won’t worry too much about his sense of humor at this point. When he’s a teenager, that might be something else. Bob, thanks for the tip, one I hope to never have to use.

  2. Years ago, back when SNL was still funny, they did a sketch about Babs’ uvula, basically playing off the fact that “uvula” sounds like some dirty filthy part of the anatomy.

    If I wasn’t sitting in the press box at Heinz Field, about an hour and 15 minutes prior to kickoff against the Brownies, I’d look it up on YouTube.

    Did I mention that I’m in the press box at Heinz Field?

  3. Now, Bob, there is nothing dirty or filthy about ANY part of the human body, except for the lung I almost coughed up when T-Rex said this. What the heck were you doing in the press box?? I will check your blog to find out, as I’m sure there’s a story to be told. But, hey, thanks for thinking of me and my uvula while you were there. (Please remind Mrs. Subdivided that this is not dirty or filthy on my part.)

    Madame, I think we all had the same reaction. Who came up with such a word anyway?

  4. Lulu, you got me. I’m not sure if it’s the same as tonsils or what. What do I know, I thought my kid had learned some nasty speak on the playground!

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