My life in poetry…or not

Friends, I know I’ve been a bad blogger these last few days; frankly, I’ve been overwhelmed with the more mundane aspects of life, and especially in dealing with Drama Girl’s sleep-deprived antics and meltdowns. She slept better the last few days, but continued to whine, sob, become non-communicative, and droop around like T-Rex’ T-Rex. (Remember him? He’s still on my living room floor in the same spot without any of his insides inside. I’ve been vaccuuming around him.) There were bright spots this weekend, but the aggravating and upsetting stuff happened a number of times. Let’s just say last night I dusted off the book Raising Your Spirited Child and started reading it again. It’s a great book, and I honed in on the part that describes very sensitive (“spirited”) children as having what they call spill-over tantrums…tantrums that result when a child becomes so overwhelmed with something he just snaps and then can’t find his way back from the dark side. He just can’t stop himself, not because he’s trying to manipulate the adult; he doesn’t know how to come out of it. One of DG’s trigger is lack of sleep. I can relate, but, man, it is hard to deal with it when you’re kid is older and you don’t quite understand what’s going on. T-Rex is generally easy-going, but like a case of fungus in the communal shower, he had a few flare-ups as well.


So, here’s my poetic recap from the last few days on my latest venture into online dating, mothering and writing. I will post more soon …I promise! I’m just getting smarter by not telling you WHEN!

There once was a girl named Susan

who signed up to go a-cruisin’

on the ‘net for a date,

but it turned out to be sedate

and now she’d rather be snoozin’.

There once was a girl named Sue

who loved her kids so true

but understand she did not

why they acted like snots

even after shouting “No more TV for you!”

(“…EVER AGAIN! I. Mean. It!”)

There once was a writer named Sue,

whose manuscript was marked up in blue

with ink from her notes

to avoid becoming bedding for goats;

now if she would only finish the damn thing before she turns 42…

(Hey, that gives me 3 more years!)

No, seriously. I’m around page 187 of this draft (out of approx. 320-325 pages), and if when I work on it this week and weekend (kids back with The Ex), I’ll be able to work through a large chunk. The edits aren’t hard, it’s just trying to stay focused and not rework every little word — again. Did I mention staying focused on the task at hand? That has been the hardest part. But it will be done and ready to send into the world like a third child by the new year…if it’s the last thing I do.

Seriously. Otherwise I will need to focus on my career as a poet in ’08 and God help us all if that happens.


9 thoughts on “My life in poetry…or not

  1. Susan,
    I love the poetry! You crack me up… but, of course, I really relate.
    This is my favorite: “but it turned out to be sedate…and now she’d rather be snoozin’.”
    Oh, darling, I’ve been there!!

  2. Ugh – everything is made worse when the sleep is not good! If we haven’t been sleeping for whatever reason, I want to throw myself on the floor and kick and scream.
    Tantrums are awful and sometimes unavoidable, but they pass.
    I love the poetry!
    Very early – no coffee yet. Comments will be more insightful later.

  3. Sophie says:

    You know, I’m in a similar situation in that I have very little time for bloggin’ these days. I’m in the weeds here at work because of an upcoming release. I’m making good on my promise to myself to get to bed on time (aaahhhh, I feel SO much better with a couple of weeks worth of good sleep under my belt). So where does that leave me? With little time for the old blog.

    Don’t apologize for the lack of blogging activity. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your kids. We’re still tuning in!

  4. Oh, I so hear you about the spirited child. I should get that book. I have one that wakes up and decides everything is wrong. I’m always so proud of myself when I can ignore or persuade him otherwise, but most times, like this morning, my inner-child fights back…and I always lose: My cool, my sanity, my voice.

    Great poems too. I was going to remove my online profile but then saw a couple new guys on there tonight, so I’ll stick around. Maybe even post a pic for a day or two. What’s the harm? Of course, I haven’t ever contacted anyone. That’s the next baby step.

    And, I agree with Sophie. Your not off the list for missing a day or two’s posts. Actually, I just added you to my blogroll. Sorry it took so long.

  5. Singlemomseeking/Beta Mom/Writesome: Thank you for supporting my poetry efforts. My craft could use some, uh, development, but considering it was on my lunch hour on the fly and trying to stay low profile in this here cube, not too shabby. The dating — well that is another story. It’s been underwhelming so far.

    Sophie/Writesome/All: Thank you for alleviating my guilt and sticking with me. I guess it wasn’t that long of a pause between posts, but it seemed long. Probably the lack of sleep thing didn’t help! We had a really bad drop off yesterday at daycare; I was almost in tears, too. It’s one thing when your child is 3, when she’s 8? Again, another story. We’ll work it out…

    PS. You guys are awesome. Just had to say that.

  6. Saw your comment on my blog. I think maybe you misread what I wrote. Let the record state that I am definitely not expecting. I was recounting the story from the LAST time I had an ear infection. No pregnancy here. No sir! Not no way. Not no how! 🙂

    Love the poems, by the way!

  7. I’m with Sophie – take care of what you need to take care of first! I’ll still be here…tapping my fingers…waiting for your next post. 🙂

  8. MQ: Sorry — that’s what happens when you are multitasking and perusing blogs while at work. Not that I do that much.

    LL: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s coming, it’s coming…

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