The Final “C” of Halloween…

Eek!…7. Complete

Done. Kaput. Over. Fini.

A good time was had by all — and thankfully no scary clowns were around for me to beat up in defense of my children’s sanity. But, man, am I glad this holiday is finished; it was wearing me out: attending fall activities, carving 3 pumpkins (last night), making costumes, trying to calm mypumpkins hypersensitive daughter on and off the last 10 nights because of that stupid “scary face” scene she saw on TV.

I decided it would not be helpful to tell her my face was going to look even scarier if we didn’t all get some sleep.

As background, Drama Girl is not just dramatic; she is very sensitive about certain things. She internalizes the situation and/or her reaction and can’t move on for a long, long time. In short, she obsesses. Everyone used to tell me that all girls are dramatic, but she is “different” in this way. I finally trust myself as a parent enough to know and accept this as a fact, because she’s been like this since she was a toddler, and fortunately she is healthy and happy the majority of time. I won’t bore you with this here — I wrote a short essay about this subject which I’m hoping will be published one of these days on Nickelodeon’s parenting site, ParentsConnect — but it worries me sometimes. Anyway, to make matters worse, she tells me that her teacher wore fake scary teeth as a surprise this morning. I guess DG acted cool about it but started to cry at lunch 😦 I’m sure much was due to exhaustion, but the timing just bites (pun intended). He apologized for making her upset and they talked about the movie and the teeth and moving on. Please move on.

So, I’m beat and moving on, too. But before I called it a night I thought you might like to see how happy I was to show off my brilliant scientist and lovable, very shiny robot:

Mr. Roboto w/ Scientist

Note the ingenious use of materials from Lowe’s for T-Rex’s costume, including the adhesive reflectors used on mailboxes–no safety hazards trick or treating with us, thank you very much. (We were probably a hazard to drivers.) He refused to wear the aluminum foil-covered bike helmet, although I admit it looked ridiculous. Win some, lose some.

When everyone asked Drama Girl if she was a doctor, she’d shake her head in that “you adults are so clueless” way and tell them she was a scientist. One guy said, “Yes, I can see that by the way you’re inspecting my candy selection.” He got it. She had a magnifying glass to prove it.

As for my scary face…I decided I’ll skip the black lipstick the other 364 days of the year. And I’ll probably wait a long, long time before letting my hair go gray.

Hag with Children


7 thoughts on “The Final “C” of Halloween…

  1. Love the Robot – worth skipping work to do! I emailed you pictures my kids costumes – my son has the creative one that my husband did – I have no creativity at all – as you will see my daughters costume was bought!

    Oh, maybe DG and my son should get together – he’s the same way – sensitive and obsessive as well – I am sure he gets that from me! He woke me up Sunday morning saying he was “freakin’ out” over a dream he had and wanted to sleep in my bed – like DG – watch a “scary movie” the night before.

    But I guess we both survived another Halloween – only 365 more days until the next one – since next year is a Leap Year!

  2. Wow. You look great, all of you! What fantastic memories you’re making for your children, Susan. As for the teacher with the scary teeth, I hope they weren’t made in China. They’ve been recalled for containing loads of lead!

    My friend has a child who’s extremely sensitive, too. She says the girl suffers from sensory integration disorder. Keep trusting your good instincts.

  3. MQ, Beth, Terry: Thank you all for humoring me and what probably has been your 35th “Mother’s Post about Halloween: Aren’t My Kids Great?”! Let me go on record and state that this is the first year I’ve actually made a costume and that I am ALL for schlepping to the store to buy one. But no one seemed interested in that this year. As many times as I suggested, “Hey how ’bout a Storm Trooper? Power Ranger? Pirate?…” I was shot down. But I do kind of like it now. And I have a new appreciation for duct tape. (I always have loved and appreciated Lowe’s.)

    Terry, thanks for saying that last part. That means a lot. I am honestly NOT a worrier type, but this has befuddled me since she came into my world. I love her to pieces but it has taken me a while to learn how to deal with something I don’t quite understand. Thanks again.

    Also, we really do like DG’s teacher — and she does too. I hope he doesn’t get lead poisoning!

  4. MinivanBohemian says:

    I totally get this whole thing with Drama Girl! She and My Girl should get together for some group therapy or at very least a play date!

  5. Awesome costumes! The robot is very creative indeed, Susan!

    I’m usually not one for store-bought costumes…I love picking a character or person and shopping around at Goodwill and other thrift stores to make my own. Yes, I am 36, and I do still dress up for Halloween. But, I swear—no trick-or-treating…

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