Note to the Nice People Looking for Flavor Flav:

I do not know Mr. Flav personally, although it is true I wrote about him in one of my very first posts. I’m sure he’s very nice, clock charms and all, but I don’t have much more I can tell you about him. Sorry.

PS. Thanks for upping my blog stats.

Note to the [Nice?] People Looking for Behemoth Bosoms:

I see you’re still here, still looking for those big b–bs in the same post in which I reference Mr. Flav. I even took the reference out because you were annoying me with your web traffic, but that silly Internet brings you here anyway. (The beauty of caches, cookies, something along those lines?) Sorry, but I’m sure there are plenty of other sites that will offer you “more” of what you’re looking for.

PS. Thanks for upping my blog stats…but you still annoy me. Now go.

Note to Self:

Fifteen minutes of blogging fame due to aforementioned terms quickly running out; must find ways to use Flavor Flav and potentially lewd references in future.

Return movie rentals.

Stop eating Halloween candy.

PS. Constantly checking one’s blog stats is an indicator of interest and motivation, not compulsion.


11 thoughts on “Notes

  1. curt says:

    “Fifteen minutes of blogging fame due to aforementioned terms quickly running out; must find ways to use Flavor Flav and potentially lewd references in future.”

    maybe you should sign up for the next round of “flavor of love.”

    you think you’ve had fun with the dating world around here — I’m sure flav would take it to ‘nutha level.

    “flava FLAAAAV!”

  2. Curt, but would I have to deal with the gold teeth plate thingy? Sorry, Flav, I have a sort of soft spot for you, but that’s just not my thing.

    Madame, I’m sure we can come up with a nifty acronym for the group. Unfortunately, I’m too sleep deprived to come up with one that works…SCAT (Stat-checking anonymous treasures of society), SCAM (Stat-Checking All Morning), BATty (Bloggers Anonymously Typing)… Readers?

  3. curt says:

    susan, of course you’d have to deal with the grill. it’s hot nasty — flav just keepin’ it real, boyeeee!

    ok, enough of that. he just cracks me up.

  4. Jeff, thank you. We are the most normal people in the world. Yes, we are. We really, really are…I’m really sure we are. Really.

    Curt, you on the other hand, are beginning to scare me — I may need many margaritas tomorrow night after that. Please don’t be wearing a gold-plated grill tonight. You will scare me, my children and all the trick or treaters.

  5. I once wrote about Lulu (you know, the singer) and boobs all in the same post. I must say, that I get more traffic from that one post than any other. I’m afraid to know who’s reading my blog…

  6. The checking of the stats…a complete fixation. When I first starting blogging, there were no visits but I kept writing anyway because it was just for me. It’s still just for me, but man it’s inspirational to know someone is digesting your soul. Writers write to be read, for someone to get it. Consider this: if visits are like the clinking of a glass of bubbley, comments are like, heroine.

  7. Lulu, I can’t tell if Flav has a new season that just started, if the big boobs have to do with Breast Cancer Awareness month, or that men like to take a gander at these more now that the weather is cooling off, or what, but I’ve seen a significant increase in just the last week. This Internet is crazy, I tell you, crazy.

    Writesome, thanks for stopping by! It IS inspirational to know people are coming to read your site because they like what they read, can relate to you, etc. I don’t think the blog terms I referenced in this post would qualify as inspirational, but who knows?! I’m afraid at least some portion of my visitors may be doing heroin.

  8. curt says:

    well, it was halloween n’all yesterday. wow, wearing a grill and scaring the neighborhood would have been sweet. I went to the gym instead. oh, well.

    not sure if flav has a new season coming up, but that nasty ‘new york’ has one, I understand. I avoid it at all costs — much like the rest of so-called “reality tv.” (of course, with a possible writers’ strike coming up, that may be all that is left.)

    sorry that you gotta bug out on margherita night tonight — we’ll miss ya and drink one down for ya.

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