This Friday’s Public Service Announcement

I took off of work yesterday and am at home again today. Over on the kitchen table is a roll of gray-silver duct tape, aluminum foil, scissors, tape, a bag and flexible aluminum dryer ducting. Over here at my desk I am surfing through my favorite blogs. In other words: I am procrastinating making T-Rex’s robot costume, which I need to have ready this afternoon for a Halloween parade.

So, while the duct tape is there, I am here, and you are God knows where, let me call your attention to two of my favorite procrastinating blogs. They are sure to make you feel better on this gray, rainy October day. Well, maybe your October day isn’t gray or rainy and maybe you forgot it’s October – whatever, just read them:


I recently discovered this link through Madame Queen’s site. GFY is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of making fun of celebrity fashion. As one raised on People and Entertainment Tonight — and who will admit to the masses that I watch E! on a semi-regular basis — this site is a hoot, the writing by the mysterious GFY ladies, hilarious. For example, this post, this one and this one, too, had me snorting when I read them. And that was only covering 2 days in celebrity-land. Who knows what’s in those archives?!


Speaking of fashion and the latest accessories, ladies, you must get yourself over to Manslations because Jeff Mac is the new black. Or brown, since brown is the new black, but it doesn’t rhyme with Mac — or is it navy, not brown, this year? Anyway, Mr. Mac is a talented writer and comedian who graciously interprets male behavior for all of womankind, giving us a peek inside the male mind.

What? Why are you laughing?

Yeah, I admit I thought the male mind was a cavern of emptiness, too. Regardless, Jeff’s writing is very funny and I’ve (sometimes begrudgingly) learned a few things that I might retain or even put into practice. MAYBE, Jeff, maybe. Don’t go getting a big fat head over there.

To my male readers, I urge you to visit his site. Jeff is constantly – CONSTANTLY – apologizing for your collective dufus behavior, so give him his props.

BTW, Jeff answered one of my questions and called me a bad ass — in the best sense of the term, or so he says. For that I love him… just not in a psychotic way. Really, Jeff.

And, no, my biceps do not look like that. I wish.

Okay, back to the aluminum foil on the kitchen table. Will check in later. Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “This Friday’s Public Service Announcement

  1. I too discovered GFY thru Madame Queen, and it is hilarious!! Nothing better than poking fun at celebrities, right? Havent’ checked out the manslations…can’t wait!

  2. Funny, I just came from GFY. It never fails to make me laugh out loud. Some of my recent faves are Ellen Pompeo at the Emmys and Heidi Klum at same. The Jennifer Lopez archives are a hoot, too!

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