Imagine a world with no more glasses…

ImagineA world without glasses? Well, I mean MY world, not the world-world. Hey, it’s MY blog. My world. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one — so get over it.

I went today for a LASIK consultation and good news! I’m a candidate! So after my appointment next thing you know, the receptionist is telling me, “Okay, we can set up your detailed evaluation for next Monday, and the procedure the week after that.”

Whoa, Nelly!

I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was 9. My eyesight is not “bad”: I can read the alarm clock and see the bathroom door when I get up in the morning. I can see faces at a certain distance. I could probably even drive in the daytime without glasses, but I wouldn’t want to chance that. So I’m not blind or anything. Except for social occasions (i.e., rare events), I’ve pretty much given up on contacts because they don’t feel so comfie anymore — never mind working in an office where the air instantly sucks every last drop of moisture out of your eye sockets. So I wear the dreaded glasses all day, every day.

But I don’t dread them, you see. My glasses have become a part of my life. And, if I’m allowed to say so, I look pretty good in them — at least in today’s styles, now that the industry realizes glasses only need to cover the eyes, not half the face.

Being nearsighted can be a plus, too — like when you wake up in the morning and you take a look at yourself in the mirror. You say, “Hey, not bad!” then you put the glasses on and


you’re screaming, “Where did that extra roll come from? Turn off the light! Take those things off!!” With LASIK, there would be no more automatic photo-shopping of myself or self-delusion. That would be sad.

I’m going to do it; I just need to read up more about it and talk to a few more people who have had it done. (Everyone I know who’s had it done has been pleased and didn’t suffer horrible side effects.) I already scheduled the eval in early December. I might even have time to schedule a full body makeover between now and then so that first morning isn’t so scary.

Have you had LASIK or PRK done? (You’re reading a computer screen, so I guess that’s a good sign you can still see…)


16 thoughts on “Imagine a world with no more glasses…

  1. Sophie says:

    Lasik. I’m jealous. I’m so very nearsighted; -12 in both eyes. At one time I was not a candidate, but I think the technology in improving.

    Based on the experience of a friend, ask about how many years it will last. My friend had it done in the 80’s and she had to have it redone recently. But then again, that was old technology.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!

  2. I know a few people who’ve had the Lasik, they all love it, and recommend it. One guy even had something go wrong in his procedure, and they had to do it all over again a couple of weeks later, and even he still recommends it.

    I myself am scared out of myself even thinking of getting it done.

  3. Steve says:

    I’d do it in a second if my wife wasn’t so scare of me going blind.. even though my glasses, very much like you, are a part of my life, I’d love to lose them and my contacts permanently.

    I know a bunch of people at work and in my personal life who have done it and have ZERO complaints… good luck w/ the evaluation and the decision…

  4. Mrs. Subdivided had laser eye surgery 5 or 6 years ago, and (last I checked) considered it the best money she’s ever spent. I’ll direct her here to share her point of view.

  5. My mom used to say the same thing about putting her glasses on in the morning.

    I’m a little nearsighted, but can easily get by without my contacts or my glasses. It’s the procedure itself that freaks me out. I cannot stand for other people to do anythign to my eyes and have the hardest time at the eye doctor. They would definitely have to sedate me for the procedure.

    BUT, all that being said, everyone that I know who has had it done loves it. So I say go for it.

  6. Never had lasik…but like you, Ive heard only good things about it…you should definitely go for it!! Im ashamed to say that until I was about 12 (ok, 18) I wanted glasses so badly! For some reason it seemed to be what all the cool kids were doing-Im a wierdo.

  7. curt says:

    glad to see that the better half is reading your blog. ;-p

    so, yes, she had it done twice 6 years ago or so — but her sight is pretty good, except not as much while driving at night (which is often the case). they gave her the monovision treatment (one eye is near, one is far) — this is an option they sometimes suggest.

    as for me, I got evaluated earlier this year and am a candidate — but, decided against getting it done now, thanks to my other surgery that I had to have done. maybe next year….

    one thing I might suggest is going to see someone else getting a procedure done. I did that and, while it’s a little unnerving, I’m glad I did it so I would know what I would be in for.

    if you’d like to discuss further, let us know. having been through it, annemarie would have more info than I, but I can tell what I know.

  8. Annemarie says:

    As Curt pointed out, the nightime driving thing (dark roads) can be a problem. I have talked to a number of other people that have had it, and they report the same thing. Most of us ended up wearing glasses to drive at night. I did end up with monovision from the surgery, which was neither planned nor expected. You will also need bifocals to read in a few years…though I hear there is a surgery for that as well.

  9. Julie (aka Mrs. Subdivided) says:

    Best money I’ve ever spent. I had the procedure done in 11/99 and I figured out that I would break even in 5 years. Of course, now they have all of those chic frames, but not so when I was 12 and started wearing them. I hated my glasses and for most of high school and college I refused to wear them. The procedure itself (at least mine) was kind of like a scene out of “A Clockwork Orange” but there was no pain, just a little discomfort that disappeared in a few days.

  10. Everyone: thank you for your input and insight. Ha. Insight. I have dry eyes so my main concern has been that, but Annemarie, you bring up a good point about the nighttime vision thing, which is important to remember. Julie, thanks for stopping over. I’m glad you have been happy with your experience for 8 years. (Bob can’t count, can he, but in his defense the events in my life often start to run together on the timeline, too). Sophie, wow. Now I know why you wear glasses and contacts together. I hope perhaps someday they’ll have something to help you, if you would consider it. So, we’ll see — er…I hope that is not just a figure of speech when all is said and done if I go ahead with it.

  11. Thanks for this entertaining and educational post, Susan. Lasik is something my husband has been pressing me to get, but I’m squeamish. On the other hand, I’m so tired of wearing contacts.

    Please keep us updating on your procedure and all the rest.

    By the way, I think you look great with glasses.

  12. Terry, thanks for the support and the compliment. I will keep you updated. Tonight, however, I will look out at the world through scratched, smudged glass lenses.

  13. Susan – I get icked out by eyeballs. Even my own eyeballs. Even the mere mention of this procedure gives me the shivers. And the vapors. It took me 3 attempts in over 3 years to wear contact lenses. I wish you luck. Please forgive me if I don’t read about your procedure… 😛

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