Cross-channel marketing: Spam or Personal Ad?

I have re-entered the world of online dating, which I’ll tell you about this week. Oh, yes, plenty to say there, but I’m going to keep you waiting — mostly because it’s almost 8:00 and I haven’t eaten dinner yet.

In the meantime, I almost thought this email was some insanely bad proclamation of love from an online dating site… until I got to the part about “my parents died [like in a Disney film] and I have a bazillion dollars and I think you’d be the perfect person to receive it — because I like you. Even though I don’t know you.”

My dear, I am miss Angela from Asmara, Eritrea, single and 21 years old. After accessing your details in the internet site i copied out only your email address. Immediately after going through your information i made up my mind to contact you for long term relationship, because you are my choice of trust and i see nothing wrong with the choice that i have made in you…

I see nothing wrong with your choice either, Miss Angela, thank you.

Who said life here in the ‘burbs was quiet? And an email from a young woman of international mystery? My rank is picking up in the world. Maybe I should have picked Angelina for that one interview question!


4 thoughts on “Cross-channel marketing: Spam or Personal Ad?

  1. Madame: My life is pretty sedate, let me assure you. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. (I might have to just completely block this stuff rather than have it go to its own folder. Then again…)

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