Add one more “C” to the Halloween list…

6. Crappy, Creepy Cinema

Yesterday Drama Girl saw a scary scene in a movie on the Disney Channel. Yeah, I know. Disney? Well, it doesn’t surprise me, considering every freakin’ animated story they produce includes the death of a parent or a sibling (Lion King, Brother Bear and Bambi*, oh my!) — which, BTW, isn’t really encouraging to us parents who have to sit through it, just waiting for the dreaded quesiton:

“Why? Why did that happen to Nemo’s mom? Why did the big fish with the humongous teeth eat her?”

Because it is the start of the hero’s journey, honey. And it’s a winning formula for a lasting, prosperous film and merchandising journey for the fine executives at Disney.

This movie was not animated, but it reportedly included one scary face scene. I was in the other room, so I didn’t see it, but last night my daughter was in tears because she couldn’t get the face out of her mind and ended up sleeping in my bed. Right now she’s sitting down here reading a book (“Pick out a book, any book as long as it is HAPPY one”). My guess is she will be sleeping in my bed tonight again.

I don’t think she’ll be watching Poltergeist any time soon. Or ever. Thanks, Disney. You and Party City suck.

*I know Bambi doesn’t fit because deer are prey animals, but I couldn’t think of a tiger except for Raja from Aladdin. (Boy, I’ve watched too many of these, haven’t I?) Was Raja an orphan – or could being kept as a pet in captivity count for something?


8 thoughts on “Add one more “C” to the Halloween list…

  1. Bubba really, really wants to watch Monster House and is very upset that I’ve said no (he’s almost 5). I made the big mistake of renting Monsters Inc once and he and Punkin got about 5 seconds into it before they both began shrieking in horror.

    And Bambi may be a prey animal, but they’ve anthropomorphized the heck out of them so I think you’re safe adding them to your list.

  2. May I add “chafing Christians” to your list? They’re the ones who’re doing their best to ensure that little kids can’t enjoy this fun little holiday anymore. Because if my 4-year-old dresses up as Scooby Doo, that glorifies Satan dontchaknow.

    Although to their credit, the church preschool where we send the boy has compromised and created “Pumpkin Day.” When, oh when, will the War on Halloween end?

  3. Oh, and speaking of the four-year-old — he saw “Monster House” at daycare, and couldn’t get to sleep for a week. Some idiot decided that that would be appropriate viewing for a 4-year-old.

  4. MQ, thank you for validating my inclusion of Bambi. Funny thing, the Furries, supporters of anthropomorphization (or whatever you call it), love to hold their annual convention in Pittsburgh. This will be a blog post next year, I assure you.

    Bob and MQ: My kids seemed okay with Monsters Inc when they were a little younger, and now think it’s a hoot. I’m not sure I’ve seen Monster House. Based on the scare-tolerance of my daughter, I’ll skip that one — and she’s 8.

    Rachel/Singlemomseeking: I’m sure it’s because the screenwriters were men. Or mama boys.

    Bob: So, if I understand you correctly, you have a 4 year-old?

    And what’s with the Pumpkin Day nonsense? Oh, that’s just wrong. As if Satan himself thought that one up.

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