Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you today for one purpose and one purpose only: to implore you to go back to the former daylight saving time schedule. You see, while I admit I’m a night owl by nature and look positively smashing by candlelight, I need you to light up my mornings before November 4th. (Not my life, just the mornings, ‘kay?) I have to get up waaayyyyy too early to go to work (read: before 9 a.m.) and it’s not easy for me to do when it’s all gloomy and dark here in the Eastern Time zone like it was today. This whole Energy Policy Act /reduce fuel consumption / save the planet (or at least the tax breaks for the energyindustry) / yada yada is really throwing me off. And to add insult to injury, earlier this week I realized that Europe follows a different DST schedule — and will change one week earlier than the U.S. — leaving me to do serious math to figure out exactly when our meetings begin on those days! Don’t you think trying to help my second grader with homework is hard enough?

Look, I’m giving you a break here on all the other garbage you’ve spearheaded while in office (uh, say, something like a word that begins with a “w” and ends with “r”…) Mr. President, please don’t leave me in the dark – anymore than I already am.


Desperate to Fall Back

Is anyone else having trouble with this issue? (Yes, I know, another hard-hitting question from Susan…don’t worry, I’ll be back this weekend with more posts.)


2 thoughts on “Letter to the President

  1. Well, I would be with you on this one but no matter whether it’s DST or not I still get up in the dark. SO, I say let’s try to push for a 9:00 start to the day, or better yet, a 4 day work week!

    BTW, you showed remarkable restraint in bringing up some of his other, um, achievements. 😉

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