Is my kid on crack?

I’m glad you enjoyed my last few posts — crazy things men say, crazy things kids say, and now this…yesterday’s Halloween-inspired drawing by my son. It either shows great intelligence and imagination or it’s just plain crazy.

(I don’t have any fancy photoshop tools, so I will have to explain the drawing below.)

Crazy pumpkins, crazy kid

The jack-o-lantern on the far right is on the phone. He is calling the other pumpkins, who have lost their phones — note the cords sticking out of where I presume their ears are (if pumpkins had ears). The one on the far left, with the particularly frowny face, has a black mouth because it is full of cavities.

Makes sense to me.

I’m going to Phoenix tomorrow for a few days on both business and pleasure (visiting with my college roommate and her family). My friend has 3 1/2 year old triplet girls and a 9 year old son. She also has a husband and there may be a dog in the mix, too. I’m staying at their house Sunday night and will be promptly retreating to a cushy hotel thereafter. (A Holiday Inn would suffice after that!) Seriously, I’m excited to see her, as it has been about 3 years. I’ll chime in at some point, but enjoy the rest of the weekend and the start of the week!


7 thoughts on “Is my kid on crack?

  1. Oooh, Phoenix! What a truly beautiful time of the year to be there! Try to make it to the old town Scottsdale if you can. Such a fun place!

    Have a great trip.

  2. Lulu and Singlemomseeking, I just want to know: what is the pumpkin calling the others about? And where has my son seen a phone with an actual phone cord??

    Had a short but great visit with my friend, now waiting around a bit to go to the dinner we are sponsoring for clients. Must put the happy, “so glad you could make it!” smile on, but in the end they do pay my company which pays my salary which pays the bills. Now if only my blog and writing could do that…

    P.S. I had a great night’s sleep at the house of chaos. My friend has a guest room that’s like a soundproof cave. I didn’t hear 2 of the 3 girls get up at various hours or anything, and slept like a log. I felt kind of guilty for that. I washed a lot of dishes for her in return. It was the least I could do!

  3. Sophie says:

    I think that drawing is great! When Pumpkin was younger, she would pick up her plastic toy phone and mimic her parents on the phone. Uh, I guess we talk on the phone a lot.

    Hope you are having fun on your trip!

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