Woman seeking book/blog material

So I have a date tonight. Maybe. Or I might be blown off, and I don’t think I’ll mind too much if that happens. “Why?” you ask. Here’s the scoop:

A friend met this guy — we’ll call him Wally — while she and her husband were out and about shopping two weekends ago. In the course of doing business with Wally, he began talking to them openly about being single and looking to meet that special someone. My friend mentioned my availability and told him about me. He was interested in hearing more. After clearing it with me a day later, she gave him my cell phone number. Wally called me by phone two days after that and we spoke while I was in NY on a business trip. Our 5 minute conversation was mostly about the fact that we live in the same neighborhood. He told me, “I’m the half-naked runner! You may have seen me. People beep at me all the time.”

Oh? I guess he likes to run without his shirt on. By his tone I assumed he was the six pack abs runner, not the man I’ve seen who shouldn’t be running without a shirt on. Six pack abs are not necessarily a bad thing.

The next night he called me again. He was out walking his dog and sort of invited himself over to chat in person. I was tired after arriving home from NY that evening, but I agreed. While he was walking over to my house we continued chatting on the phone. Among other things, he asked me about my age (he’s a few years younger), then he asked me about my kids. Then he asked me if I wanted to have more kids (“I don’t know”). THEN he asked me if I COULD HAVE more kids.

I replied, “That’s a pretty personal question, don’t you think?” He laughed and said he was just an open, honest person and he wanted to see if I had my tubes tied or anything like that.

Hold on there pardner, not so fast! I know you want to settle down, but do you think we could get beyond the 10 minute mark before we discuss whether I’m The One and Your Baby Making Machine?

I swear I do not make this stuff up.

Long story short: we met, he is quite cute and, yes, I’m guessing he has six pack abs. But his forward, cocky-with-a-sweet smile manner aggravated me as much as it amused me. Nonetheless, he asked me out to dinner and I agreed. We were supposed to go our last Saturday, but he ended up having to ask for a raincheck because his friend was in the hospital. I was busy the evening he suggested, so I offered to meet him for lunch the next day instead. He declined because he had to watch the Steelers game on TV with his family. Apparently I was not tempting enough to make him late for the kickoff.

I do not make this stuff up.

So tonight is our alleged rescheduled date. I don’t believe it will happen — I’m not an idiot, after all, especially after years of practicing being an idiot when it comes to this stuff. I sent him a text message on Monday inquiring about his friend. He responded back that his friend was still in the hospital and that was it. He hasn’t bothered to call me since. Nothing. Nada.

Wally’s certainly good looking and interesting — he’s lived around the world and is clearly smart. But I won’t be disappointed if we don’t go out. The main thing that would make me sad is that I’ll miss out on what could end up as some good writing material.

I must also mention that my friend has nothing invested in making this, er,”relationship” work. I do appreciate the idea and her effort to at least get us connected because you just never know.

Mmm. Right.


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