Hey, hey I wanna be a rockstar

I just have to tell you my neighbor is blaring some kind of AC/DC-inspired hard rock or heavy metal music [read: loud, unintelligible lyrics accompanied by heavy bass and annoying driving beat], which I can hear through the soundproof (if you’re deaf in one ear) firewall separating our units. He keeps screeching for effect, and I’m guessing crazy air guitar, head flopping motions are part of the act.

I talked to him once before about the fact that the soundproof wall is not soundproof. He was very apologetic the time I went over and explained that his workout room butted up to my daughter’s room [read: loud, unintelligible lyrics accompanied by screeching, grunting and clanging of equipment after 9 p.m.]. Now he’s downstairs working out his frustrations from a day of selling medical devices or pharmaceuticals or whatever it is he does.

It’s okay. We all need our fantasies.


3 thoughts on “Hey, hey I wanna be a rockstar

  1. You know, if you happen to have any old Wiggles or Barney CDs laying around, you could always give him a taste of his own medicine. Perhaps the next time you have to wake up before 6:00 AM for a soccer game. I guess that wouldn’t be setting a good example, though. Now, would it?

  2. Good idea, Ladies! Unfortunately I don’t have the Wiggles CDs around anymore (and fortunately I never had the Barney ones). However, some High School Musical could do the trick next time…

    I didn’t really mind the night I wrote this because I was still up and my kids weren’t here. (Even if they were, they sleep through just about anything other than thunderstorms.) But, geez, dude, get a clue.

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