Today’s writing weather report

icon_overcast.gifThis Blog: Cloudy with no sign of inspirational ideas breaking through

The Novel that Seems Like It Will Never End: Partly sunnyicon_partly_cloudy.gif

Okay, now I understand this whole blogging slump-thing. I used to think, “Hey, why hasn’t so and so blogged in the last 2 days? What gives? Where’s the consistency?” Now I see how easy it is (as with all my other writing projects) to just take a day off. Or two. Or three. It’s nothing personal, really; I’ve just been trying to lay low after my business trip to New York and the dreadful “catch up” aftermath at home.

So now I’m back. For the record, while I wasn’t blogging, I managed to get through more editing of my manuscript, the infamous/dreaded “Draft 3” I keep telling you about. (That’s infamous to you because I know you don’t believe that it exists; dreaded to me because I know it does.) I’ve hand-edited approx. 90 pages of the 300+ page manuscript, way behind where I thought I’d be or wanted to be by mid-September, but I’m excited about the story again and the prospect of it being ready — well, almost ready — to shop around. And, I received my check in the mail for my essay in the Chicken Soup for the Working Mother’s Soul book (due out next month).

Maybe the clouds are lifting parting? I get my weather mixed up – clouds, fog, whatever. I must be a true weatherperson.


5 thoughts on “Today’s writing weather report

  1. Another word people use for a blogging slump is “blogfade.” The fact that a word has been invented shows how common the phenomenon is.

    For me, I have trouble prioritizing when I should/can blog. So many things scream for attention, and although blogging is important to me it doesn’t directly bring in money … so I let it slide. But that’s a terrible choice, because blogging is part of my personal and professional connections, and because it’s fun and I need to keep fun in life.

    I hope you’re feeling more caught-up after your trip. Congratulations on the editorial progress!!

  2. I don’t understand how people that have a full-time job can blog every day! There’s no way that I could. First off, I have a husband who freaks when it even looks like I’m heading in the direction of my home office. I have to schedule my blogging time wisely lest I live up to his idea that I have an addiction!

    Secondly, I just don’t have that much to say!

  3. I will definitely let you guys know when the essay/book comes out (October 15th). I got my copy in the mail the other day. Kinda cool, at least a first step.

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