Pinkalicious, the Musical is coming to town

cupcakes for allMy writing pal Elizabeth Kann and her sister Victoria Kann wrote a fun children’s book, Pinkalicious, about a little girl who ends up with an acute case of pinkititis when she eats one too many pink-frosted cupcakes. My kids enjoy the story with its vibrant illustrations, so they were thrilled when I told them Pinkalicious the Musical is coming to the stage in Pittsburgh November 14-19.

If you know a pink-loving girl — or a boy that thinks turning shades of red is kinda cool — come check it out. (Buy the book, too.) For details on all of Elizabeth’s and Victoria’s treats, including their books and musical touring schedule, visit their website here. For more information on the Pittsburgh show and tickets, visit the Pittsburgh International Children’s Theater.

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Victoria. You’re an inspiration to me as a writer and a mom. We’ll look for the sequel Purpalicious in stores next month.

Pink Princess


3 thoughts on “Pinkalicious, the Musical is coming to town

  1. Hey Susan, thanks for the heads up! I’ll definately head over to the site to check out the dates. Thanks, too for your thoughts on Maxy. I appreciate that greatly.

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