The + and – of it all

My weekend and the early part of this week can be recapped in a few words and short phrases, partly because it has nearly drained the life out of me and I can’t type full sentences for long stretches.


  • get up at 5:45 a.m. (cruel, just plain cruel)
  • 2 hours of soccer in pouring rain in early morning (-, with brief periods of + b/c the kids had so much fun)
  • kids with their dad (+ = peace and quiet)
  • peace and quiet spent cleaning (-)
  • son’s birthday party = 7 kindergarteners and first graders running around, beating on each other, screeching like lunatics — held somewhere other than my house (+), half of cake left over transported to my house (-)
  • dinner with friends /an adult night out! (+)


  • go into work for 3 hours (-, because who wants to do that on Sunday morning?; + because I was less stressed Monday morning)
  • manicure/pedicure (+)
  • Ex drops kids off (+ until whining and fighting begins minutes later)
  • Drama Girl’s soccer practice at 5 p.m. (neutral — it stopped the whining and fighting for an hour)
  • dinner/visit with parents and their dog (+)
  • don’t have to take dog with us and take care of it (++)
  • surf the net way past the time I should have been up (stupid)


  • work (+/-, mostly – because I’d really rather sleep in and I worked through lunch and still left after 5:00)
  • errand (-)
  • feel sad my kids are with The Ex that night and not with me, and that divorce and single parenthood is sometimes necessary and doesn’t have to be horrible, but it’s a lonely, sucky business all the same (-)
  • realize I am ok, that some relationships just run their course, and that our kids are well-adjusted and know they are loved by both parents, regardless of which house they happen to be at tonight (+)
  • feel relieved I have a night to myself so I can take a walk around the neighborhood and just think (+)
  • start reading a new novel (+)
  • am kind to myself that I haven’t worked on my own novel in over a week (+)


  • more work, another errand (see above)
  • take yoga class (+)
  • leave work at 4:30 (grrr…)
  • enjoy the evening with kids (+)
  • type this blog post (+/-, the – only b/c it’s one more thing to do, the + b/c I love the fact that someone other than my parents indulge me in reading this)
  • set alarm for 5 a.m. (what the hell do you think?)

Wednesday (Estimated)

  • hit snooze (+)
  • hit snooze again (-)
  • get up (double -!)
  • pack for overnight work trip (in theory a neutral, but in reality this will end up a big – with me wailing I have no clothes to bring and/or I will forget something essential — like my clothes — in my rush to pack)
  • literally pull kids out of their beds when they don’t get up the first 3 times I ask them to (-)
  • insert caffeine drip into my vein (oh, sorry, wishful thinking)
  • try to get 8 hours of work done in 3 (-)
  • hang out at airport and work on my manuscript (+)
  • work on my manuscript/query letter in my jammies in my hotel room with room service for dinner (+…I’ll take whatever chances and prodding I can get to make some progress)
  • collapse in bed…until the7 a.m. breakfast meeting



5 thoughts on “The + and – of it all

  1. Okay – I’m completely worn out now. You have such a busy life!

    I’m thinking that I would add a +++++++ to the traveling out of town and spending a night in a hotel. Especially since you can get room service…

  2. curt says:

    “I’m thinking that I would add a +++++++ to the traveling out of town and spending a night in a hotel. Especially since you can get room service…”

    but — is it worth all the BS of driving 45 mins to an hour to get to the airport two hours early, the wonderful trip through security, the long-ass wait and usual delay of the airplane, dealing with sweaty people and crying babies on the plane, the unparalleled fun of driving a rental ford taurus while trying in vain to find your hotel….you get the picture. 😉

    can you tell that I love traveling for work?

  3. I really like the idea of summarizing using plus and minus. I tried to count yours out to see your “balance”, but it felt too much like math. At least there was no formula…
    Do you gets + for the pleasure that your blog brings to other people. (If not there definitely should be an extra credit section…)

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