Feeling a little less labored

I know I haven’t blogged in a few days, but the last week has been a a blur between work, school starting and our weekend activities. Friday we had dinner with my parents at a Japanese steakhouse to celebrate my 39th and T-Rex’s 6th birthdays (watching people light food on fire is a good way to celebrate!), and then we went on a weekend jaunt to Michigan for a college reunion-house party-get together. Despite the pall of our alma mater’s embarrassing loss, it was a lot of fun to catch up with friends, and our hosts took my request to heart to make sure T-Rex had a nice b-day on Saturday — especially seeing that I dragged him and his sister to a party 5 hours away where they knew no one. My friends helped us celebrate by making dinosaur-themed cookies and a cake for him, and they put together a pinata for the kids. They even bought him a few presents…and me, too.

I only brought store-bought cupcakes, Spiderman plates and noise makers. (sheepish grin)

Thank you to all our friends!

So, now that I’m writing this, I’m feeling a little less cranky and overwhelmed than I did a few minutes ago. A few minutes ago, I had finished paying bills, and was thinking about the piles of laundry and the house that hasn’t been cleaned in over 2 weeks. I had just ordered the kids’ fall and winter jackets, made my list of To Do’s for their upcoming parties, and realized I have to make travel plans for trips I’m taking in early October. I’d been staring at a stack of forms to fill out for school and daycare that The Ex graciously dumped on me, plotting ways to even the score with him. I felt bitter that parents don’t seem to understand that RSVP means I want a response from them as to whether their kid is going to attend my kid’s party, and that the PTO ‘s proclamation that “All Parents Are Welcome and Encouraged to Attend!” their monthly meetings — which, with the exception of 3 evening meetings, take place at the convenient of time of 9:30 a.m. on Tuesdays — is a bunch of bull for working parents.

So, even though it is after noon and we’re all still in our PJ’s, and I still have the stack of papers to fill out, I’m going to try and chill. I’m a year older and determined to approach life with a healthier balance and focus on the things that matter. In fact, I keep recalling that only 6 years ago my birthday and labor day nearly became one in the same.

Special Labor Day

A busy summer ends, and a busy fall begins…enjoy your Labor Day!


10 thoughts on “Feeling a little less labored

  1. Happy birthday! And congratulations on ensuring T-Rex survived and thrived six whole years. That’s a great photo of you with the kids. (I remember having a very similar haircut, but it’s much more flattering on you.)

    Even though you’re feeling stressed now, let’s take time to appreciate the little things … like the fact that you could order the jackets for the kids rather than schlep to a store with them to pick them out. Cheers to the power of the internet!

  2. curt says:

    three things:

    1) happy bday, neighbor! as you know, I’m right behind you — and I’m sorry that you’ll miss the hootenanny. we will all get together at the same time one of these days.

    2) glad you and the kiddos had fun over the holiday.

    3) appalachian state? what the frick?!?? that’s like andy dick beating up mike tyson.

  3. Boy, I am glad I RSVP’d – LOL! But I totally know what you mean having just done the “party” scene last month – wondering who was and wasn’t coming – especially when you have to pay so much for these parties any more!!!

    And I hear you on the PTO meetings and us working folks! Lovely isn’t it. Like the Open House last month from 9a-3p – I arranged to be late with my boss so I could meet the teacher who wasn’t there at 9a – heard it was optional for them to come! Nice first impression!

    Sorry about UofM – bummer! My dad went to Michigan State – he kind of smerked at the outcome – sorry about that!

  4. Sophie says:

    Just reading that list makes me tired.

    Wow, what a great picture. Believe me, I was not photo worthy that soon after becoming a mom.

    My husband, the football fanatic, talked about the game you mention at every opportunity. So, despite not having a clue about football at all, I know what you are talking about!

  5. Ah, my friends! Thank you for your support, birthday wishes and enduring my whiny near-breakdown yesterday. (Believe me, I was crabby for much of the day, so you got the abbreviated, spell-checked version.) Thank you, too, for the thumbs up on the photo — I think my smiles of mothering glory had a lot to do with the epidural that seemed to make me numb for nearly a day. Yeah, baby! I do like that photo, though. Actually, I love it b/c it is sweet and I really was very happy that day.

    Jennifer, I did a good job at rolling with the punches today at work even though insanity seems to rule there, so I’m feeling better and the week/month is off to a decent start. Cindy, I agree that online shopping is a glorious thing. Hail to Lands End! Beth, I know you are a good RSVP’r. You’ll discover that there are certain things that send me into a tizzy – this is one of them. Every year around party time I begin to think that people were raised by wolves. For God’s sake people, just freakin’ let me know if you’re coming or not!

    See, I’m very polite.

    Beth, Sophie, Curt and anyone else who might feel the need to rib me about being a Wolverine: well, yeah, we deserve it. The Ex used to shake his head about me going to a Big 10 school but understanding remarkably little about the game itself. I explained I would people watch more than watch the game. I was there for the atmosphere and scene…

    However, I know enough to know that the loss was a bad one, and that the atmosphere/scene must’ve been a sad one. The hotel we stayed at was packed with fans that night. It was the quietest, best night of sleep in a hotel I’ve ever had!

  6. Fabulous photo! You look very composed and beautiful.
    We have PTA here in Georgia. Our PTA happens at night and is run by mostly working moms, who all happen to be thin, well coiffed, and members of the same swim and tennis club. As an outsider looking in, it appears to be a clique similar to Junior League. I am very wary of their power. I have heard rumours that being “snubbed by the PTA Prez” is akin to social death, possibly for you and all generations of off-spring that you may choose to enroll in the school. So maybe the bright face of the Junior League combined the power of Tony Soprano: Maybe a 9:30 AM PTO meeting isn’t such a bad thing?

  7. Minivan – Too funny. You’re right, PTO/PTA annoyances and crazies are everywhere, at all times, working or not! I get the feeling our PTO is a little more earthbound than the swim/tennis/Junior League crowd by you, so the grass is looking a little greener than I thought…unless it is all part of their “plan”?? Be strong against the well-coiffed!

  8. A belated happy birthday, Susan! May your 39th year be one of balance. I think it’s great timing to have your birthday at the start of the school year. I always seem to treat fall as the start of the year instead of January, in terms of goals and fresh starts, etc. And to have it coincide officially with your birthday adds a nice emphasis. At least I hope it does!

  9. What a sweet picture! Happy birthday to both you and T-Rex! And isn’t it quite fitting to have a baby on (or near) Labor Day?

    Oh, and so sorry about the game. My husband also follows college football (huge UGA fan), so he was shocked to hear the outcome of the Michigan game.

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