Good golly, Miss Molly

Today was an action-packed day for our family — the first day of kindergarten for T-Rex (can you see how upset he was to go?) and second grade for Drama Girl. Me? The kids were with The Ex last night and this morning, so I only had to get myself up at 5:20 (really, I did!), tweaked my manuscript between desperate slurps of coffee, drove to daycare to see the kids onto their buses, went to work, worked a lot, and then took the kids to my parents for dinner and a first-day-of-school surprise…

You are really big and I’m smallThey were surprised all right — to meet Molly, my parents’ new puppy. Poor Miss Molly doesn’t know what to make of all these people and her new surroundings, but she’ll warm up. She’s been with my parents for 2 days.

I’m just glad I’m off the hook of having to get a pet, at least for a few more years. The kids had been lobbying hard – they started with dogs and cats, and worked their way down the rodent and fish chain. I kept telling them we had plants, stuffed animals and each other — what more could they want?

Molly, you came just in time.

Thanks, Mom and Dad…at least until you decide to go on vacation.

I’m not moving


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