Balance is tricky

So I ended up having to stay at work until almost 5 today. So much for my big “I’ll get to pick you up earlier from now on!” promise when I dropped off my children this morning.

One of my staff members who works in the cubicle next to mine saw me hurrying back to my desk after a meeting ran over. It was approximately 4:47 p.m. “So, how do you like your new 8 to 4 schedule?” he asked. “Love it,” I replied. Smart ass.

He promised he would start throwing things over the cube wall at 4:05 p.m. each day if I was still there. I may have promised him a raise in return, but I’m too tired to remember.


2 thoughts on “Balance is tricky

  1. curt says:

    I’ll send you an email at 350pm every day, reminding you to go home.

    if I do that, can you get me a raise, too?

    – fellow anti-morning person

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