Field Trip Friday


I took the day off to go with my children’s daycare to the zoo and aquarium, even though, deep down inside, all I really wanted to do was to sleep in this morning and then lounge around and maybe work on my book. Well, okay, I’d work some on mine and then spend the rest of my time reading someone else’s, which is much more relaxing.

But since I work full-time, I believe it’s important to volunteer for field trips and events when I can. On occasion. Sometimes. During the school year I can’t be the Crafty-Story-Telling-Helper Mom – excuse me, Parent, in honor of the fathers who help out – and nowadays the school’s policy is to randomly draw parent volunteers for trips and parties. Apparently there were times when the Halloween parties were attended by more over-eager, chipper parents (almost always moms) than children. Let me tell you, there is nothing scarier than a bunch of over-eager/chipper/crafty moms hovering over their children, so I can’t blame the teachers or the school for putting a stop to it.

The trip was pretty good and the kids had fun, despite a bit of rain. I ended up acting like one of the teachers and everyone’s mom, barking orders to stop this and stop that, and answering questions like “Hey, Drama Girl’s Mom, why is the bus driving so close to the wall?”

There’s no shoulder on this road, honey, so that’s why it looks like we’re driving so close to the barrier.

(Watching the blur of concrete go by, I tried to visually measure the distance between the bus and the barrier, and then realized I’d rather not know.)

“Are you sure the bus driver isn’t drunk?”

I’m sure he’s not. Now sit back down in your seat.

(He’s not, is he? No, of course he isn’t.)

“When are we going to get there?”

Soon. We’re almost there. It’s just around the bend.

Twenty minutes later we got there.

Once a mom, always a mom.


One thought on “Field Trip Friday

  1. Wait a minute…did you say rain? I’m focused on the rain. Did you know that it’s 165 degrees in Atlanta today?! Please do not mention rain or summer breezes in your posts. At least until October. 🙂

    Glad that you had fun on your trip with the kiddos!

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