Is this a good thing?

In the car on the way home this evening the kids were jabbering about their day and other random observations of life, as young kids are apt to do. Somewhere in the middle of his stream of conscious rambling, T-Rex told me that I’m just like a grizzly bear. Drama Girl agreed.


I just bought a $10 chocolate chip cookie pie for dessert because they squealed in delight when they saw it at the grocery store (sucker), and now I’m a bear that likes to rip the heads off of salmon?

I do like salmon…

Amused, I asked him about his logic and brought up the cookie as part of my rebuttal. (I’m not sure the cookie thing was all that important, but it seemed as logical as being compared to a grizzly bear.) “I meant you’re a cuddly grizzly bear, Mom,” he said.

Aw shucks. Glad we straightened that out.



5 thoughts on “Is this a good thing?

  1. Sophie says:

    You do know that a grizzly bear is a fierce defender of her children, right? So to be a cuddly one must be the best of both worlds for a kid: “my momma loves me, but if you hurt me, you had better run for your life!”

  2. Lulu and Sophie, yes, I do realize that being a grizzly bear is not a bad thing, although, frankly, I don’t think there is much reasoning behind it. I think he just opened his mouth and “grizzly bear” came out. Case in point, I asked him just now, again, why a grizzly bear. He said, “Because your clothes are pretty.”

    Okay… Um, thanks, sweetie.

    I asked him, “I’m a grizzly bear because my clothes are pretty?”

    “Yes. I’m serious.”

    I love him dearly, but this youngsta talk is quite puzzling. He’s serious, though, so I can’t argue.

  3. Lulu – maybe my grizzly instinct would kick in if a raccoon attacked, especially a child, but I don’t know. I know if it was just me alone, I’d run and scream like a pansy.

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