Back to the Future

Today I went back to work after taking 2 days off to go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair and 3rd annual girls reunion. Judging by the number of emails and meeting requests in my in-box, you would have thought I was gone for a month. But I tried to hold on to that sense of joy I experienced in seeing friends, my former college campus in all of its liberal, spirited glory, and art. Lots of art. Here are my observations of my trip:

1. A pontoon boat is an ideal place to catch up with friends. We spent all of Friday afternoon talking about things both serious and light. We all needed that time for different reasons, and wished we could do it more often. I hope this continues to be at least an annual event.

2. I love going back to Ann Arbor and U of M. As a girl who wasn’t interested Bell Towerin joining a sorority (the main form of socializing and entertainment at most other schools I applied to), but was intrigued by the idea of an eclectic campus with something for everyone, this was and still is a great place. There are as many kinds of people in the area as there are architectural beauties and beasts on campus (they’re finally tearing down some of those hideous 50’s/60’s monstrosities). It’s a people-watching haven with students, academics, hippies, professionals, punks, the man petitioning for Michigan Medical Marijuana, etc., etc. An excellent source for writers to pick out new characters. Believe me, I found a few.

Art Fair13. I heart art. (Hey, is that an ad slogan?) The event had hundreds of booths lining the streets around and through campus, so we only saw a relatively small portion of everything it had to offer. But it was great fun browsing, meeting artists, whining about the prices, and then picking up a little something, just because.

I’ve developed an eclectic decorating style, and wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I knew, however, I’d find it when I saw it. (Note: I saw a LOT of pieces I couldn’t rationalize buying. I have a great knack for finding the most expensive items anyplace I go.) A lot of art “whispered” to me, but didn’t shout, so shortly before the event was to close I was still empty-handed and having a full-blown art emergency. Then I found the sole piece I ended up purchasing. It’s called Door to the Future by Mamie Joe. Need I say more?



3 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. Hmm…actually it would look very nice in my living room. If you get tired of it, just say the word!

    Glad that you had a fabu weekend! As for me, I’m off to Florida for the week!

  2. C and L – thanks, I am digging my new art. The colors are much more vibrant in real life than in the photo, and the print is in a white mat with a black frame. It’s funny, I grew up in a very traditional Ethan Allenish home, but, as I wrote, my decorating style is pretty eclectic these days (last purchase: a side table with a red top and gold polka dots, found at a LaZBoy store going out of business of all places). It seems my eye is drawn to more contemporary and abstract artwork and photographs.

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