Good day, good intentions

I’m getting ready to go for a girls-only/no kids weekend in Ann Arbor, my UofMold stomping ground. The city is hosting its annual Art Fair and I’m hoping not only to catch up with good friends, but to spoil myself with a piece of art or two. Or three. Maybe. Probably. I’ll also stock up on U of M clothing items in a lame attempt to recapture my youth, so A-squared and VISA, here I come.

But today I spent the day off reading and writing — for fun of all things. First, I finished reading Pride & Prejudice. I knew the story just because it’s P&P and from watching the most-excellent BBC series on DVD (hello, Mr. Darcy). But I still wanted to read it since it’s a classic and because I aspire to write smart, funny women’s fiction – this is one of the first and best of the kind. After I finished the book and scrounged through my barren fridge for something palatable to eat*, I was inspired to start going through my novel from Chapter One as reader and writer, scribbling notes of the “final” changes I will make before I feel ready to send the manuscript out to agents. If any of them want it. (Please want it.) I had the idea I was going to plow through several chapters, but as always it takes me longer than I think. I admit reading my story was actually fun. Now I can see it and my writing get better each time I go through it.

Finally, I spent some time talking to an editor who gave me the scoop on the blurbs/essays I had submitted for a certain website – the ones I thought were approved. As it turns out, like oh-so-many things in business (groan), directions change (sigh) and what I submitted isn’t what they’re looking for now. So we agreed I’d go back to the drawing board on one of them and then see if it goes through. Naturally I want to keep moving forward, not go back, but this is the business of writing like any other kind. I suppose the worst thing is that they bag all of my stuff and then I’m left with a few good pieces in need of a new home.

God, I’m mature.

So now I’m cleaning up and preparing to get up way-too-early tomorrow to drop off the kids at daycare and then hit the road. My friend, K., rented a pontoon boat for us (i.e., its only use in this world is as a floating patio on which to drink and/or gab) and it sets sail at noon. She said if I don’t make it up there by then, she’ll try to swing by shore and pick me up. However, she apparently has never captained anything other than a canoe and is worried she might run it aground or into the dock.

*By the way, here is a snapshot of the contents from my Refrigerator of Good Intentions…

good for you, sort of

…withered green beans, shrunken, sunken-in pepper, two-week old cherries from my first trip to MI, and fuzzy strawberries. Guess I went a little crazy on my last trip to grocery store, back on the “reclaiming my health” kick. The grapes were okay, though. They were about all I could find that appeared edible. I didn’t dare show you the sour cream container. Yuck.


4 thoughts on “Good day, good intentions

  1. Hmmm, I’ve been there. I’m a writer, too. I’m writing a book proposal and a novel now. Was a book editor. Anyway, you are getting out there and that takes confidence and bravery. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. I have one of those Refrigerators of Good Intentions too! Right now mine holds dried out blueberries, some soggy carrots, and some mouldering spinach. Also four micro-brewed beers. Not all of my intentions are good.

    Have a fun, frolicky trip!

  3. Mamacita, thanks for your encouragement. I understand the gist of the business end and can appreciate where they’re coming from. Just a day or 2 before talking to the editor, I had to give “bad news” to a design firm we were working with about changed directions, not quite what we were looking for, etc.

    Cindy and MinivanB, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a refrigerator like that. Now the thing is practically empty, though, b/c I haven’t made it to the store and my kids are complaining there’s nothing to eat…

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