They never left

The raccoons haven’t left; I was fooling myself before thinking they had. I haven’t seen them, but I see indentations in the mulch from animal footprints right where I last found them. I’m sure it’s them. I know it’s them. And I don’t know why this bugs me so much – personal space issues, I guess.

I’m afraid I’m going to end up like Granny, Jed Clampett’s mother, in my pursuit to get rid of them. I didn’t tell you before, but last summer I heard something on the deck late one night. Hoping it wasn’t some clumsy burglar (although that would be the best kind), I peeked out and saw two sizable raccoons trying to get the drip pan out from under my BBQ. I was so mad I ran downstairs, grabbed a broom, made a ton of noise as I opened the door and yelled at them to get the hell off my deck.

Personal space issues.

I’m going to try the ammonia-soaked rags next, and someone recently told me she’s using moth balls in her mulch to keep a cat out. Maybe it will work for these critters, too? I might learn to accept nature better if it would just stop messing up my stuff.


8 thoughts on “They never left

  1. Just be happy it’s not a family of bats or wild dogs. Those are my words of great wisdom.

    Actually, have you tried flushing them out with noise…like placing a radio in the area and playing it at night? Try some rap music. If that doesn’t drive those little buggers out, nothing will.

  2. Hey Susan,
    thanks for the heads up on the thinking blog award! You’re so very sweet to think of me. My grandmother was notorious for shooting grinnies from the back porch. And it wasn’t like she lived in the woods somewhere, she was rifling away at chipmunks right int he middle of Etna, PA.

  3. Ladies, thank you for your sympathy and tips. I realize after posting 3 times about this subject that I have a problem, and I’ll be seeking help for it. Now I must go find a radio and rifle. No, not really. I promise not to keep blogging about something so very lame, but it’s MY SPACE, DAMMIT.

  4. I meant my house = my space. I didn’t mean my blog is my space, but…oh, never mind. See, this is what I’ve become.

    Crazy Lady

  5. curt says:

    I hate them critters, too — though, I haven’t seen/heard any of them since my last encounter over fathers’ day weekend. if I do, though, my softball bat is at the ready.

    though, my GF isn’t very happy about my views in that last statement — no matter how much I tell her that they are nasty. she once used a water bottle on a raccoon on her porch a few years ago and she maintains that it never came back. so, maybe I’ll try that method first….hmmmm…..

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