I’d like to thank the academy…

Thinking BloggerI typically live a quiet life filled with self-deprecating humor here at One-Woman Show, but today I’d like to publicly acknowledge and thankRockin’ Girl Mamacita for recently awarding me the Thinking Blogger Award and Lulu of Lulu’s Laundry for giving me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger nod. I really enjoy both of their blogs because they are smart, funny, clever, honest writers, and I’m honored they enjoy mine.

In the spirit of passing the online torch, I suppose it wouldn’t be appropriate to give Mamacita a Thinking Blogger award, even though she deserves it (again), because many of her posts tackle women’s issues big and small, with sharp writing and a healthy dose of dry wit and feminist spirit. So, I won’t re-gift you the same TB award — er, that didn’t sound good, considering all the recent hub-bub — but MamaC, you are definitely a Rockin’ Girl. Woman.

And Lulu, your blog is a warm, fun retreat after a long day. You make me laugh out loud even reading about topics such as your mailbox. Maybe this means we both need to be locked up? If your other posts weren’t enough to convince me, I realize after reading about your celeb crush, Colin Firth, we must have been twins separated at birth.

Did I mention they are smart women?

I like to surround myself with people I can learn from, so check out these other Thinking, Rockin’ Bloggers, too:

Continuing the smart women theme, check out Cindy’s blog, My Brilliant Mistakes. Cindy is one of my writing coaches and friends, and is way more up on interesting happenings, technology, business, the web, music and theater than I am. The only downside to reading her blog is that it makes me realize how uncool I am in all these things. But, hey, I’m still hoping to have her wide-ranging knowledge rub off on me.

Bob and Joe at Subdivided We Stand share their insights into everything from Mary Worth comics to local events (and advertising) to national headlines to daily life, all with a sense of humor and good writing. Joe recently rejoined the blogging efforts and is sharing his serialized novel online. How brave and cool is that?

Finally, Sophie at A Hole in the Fence offers an interesting perspective of being a working mom with her husband as a Stay At Home Dad, and Kathie, a former book boot camp alum, writes from the hip at Housewife Cafe on pop culture, parenting, underwear, national news, you name it. It’s always entertaining.

OK, I might actually post the award icons in my sidebar (and pass them on beyond this post) if I can figure out how to do that. However, there is a reason I have not been awarded the Technical Savant Award.


6 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the academy…

  1. Sophie says:

    Hey, I say thank you, too! Just like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, I’m feeling smarter already. Thanks!

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