Reclaiming my inner peace and muscle tone

I went back to the gym on Tuesday for the first time in oh, 3 months. Actually I’m sure it was closer to 4 months, but like not quite being 40 years-old, it still feels better for me to say “I’m in my late 30’s” rather than “I’m almost 40.” So it’s been like, say, 3 months since I was there. Indulge me.

Anyway, the gym is located in the same building complex as my office. I had been setting aside time to go over around lunch, but it just hadn’t been happening for reasons starting with the word “too”: too many meetings, too much work, too many urgent projects, too many people to worry about, blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, I’ve started leading too sedentary of a lifestyle as I work in front of a computer or sit in meetings all day and then go home and begin writing at night. My moment of reckoning came when I was out of breath, trudging up the big pile of sand last week. I decided I needed to reclaim my health again.

Imagine you are a tree…I decided to ease my way back in by starting with a Sports/Power Yoga class. I used to attend this and another yoga class twice a week. I knew it would be a good way to exercise some muscle and flexibility without keeling over from doing some overenthusiastic “I’m back and ready to go!” Type-A cardio routine. Now, if you don’t think you can get a good workout with yoga, or that it’s all about relaxing your thumb for 60 minutes, you should try this type. It ain’t easy, but I love it. Love. It. I can still feel the effects today.

This is kind of how it went:

Susan reaches down to touch her toes, and presses her nose to her knee. Later she does a Downward Facing Dog. A lot of down dogs.

Inner Peace Angel: Oooh, look you can still touch your toes! And you can place your hands and heels flat on the mat. You haven’t lost your flexibility! You go, girl!

Reality Devil: Are those more spider veins? Where did that bruise come from? Hey, nice pedicure… How long do I have to hold this freakin’ pose?

Susan strikes the pose of Upward Facing Dog.

Inner Peace Angel: Feel that back stretch!

Reality Devil: My back, my back! I’m losing sensaaation…

Susan does a set of Warrior poses.

Inner Peace Angel: You are strong!

Reality Devil: Your muscles are shaking. That can’t be good.

Susan relaxes in the Child’s pose.

Inner Peace Angel: Oh, yeah.

Reality Devil: My face is pressed into a mat used by thousands of sweaty people before me.

Class is done.

Inner Peace Angel: Namaste.

Reality Devil: Man, I needed that.


One thought on “Reclaiming my inner peace and muscle tone

  1. Hmm…does it count as a workout when you read about someone else’s workout? I really did feel the strain in my back…

    Good for you doing yoga! I feel that I’m falling into the same sedentary trap. The computer has taken over my life and my energy level. My cynical husband calls the computer “the devil.” I’m inclined to believe him…

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