Out, out damn stripes!

I know you probably aren’t reading this because you care that much about my raccoon problem, but I can tell you there are a helluva lot of people in this country who are searching the Internet because “raccoons are living under my deck” or the like. And they’re finding their way here, so welcome! Please stay, read a few posts and know you are not alone.

I have not seen my raccoon companions – or the tiki bar I feared they were building under my deck – since the first report. I sprayed the smelly Critter Ridder under my deck and around the edge of my townhouse last weekend and haven’t seen any stripey-tails (or carcasses) since. It probably also helped that over a week ago a storm ripped the umbrella from my patio table, and shattered all the glass, no doubt scaring the bejeezus out of anything living on, under or around my deck. At any rate, I assume the raccoon family has moved on to better digs.

Today, my neighbor told me that one of our other neighbors allegedly has been feeding the cute, friendly creatures, thereby making our little corner of the world a welcoming home for rabid animals everywhere. All I can hope is that the raccoons left my house and went to live with this dimwit instead.

And to think people question the survival of the human race.


2 thoughts on “Out, out damn stripes!

  1. Sheri says:

    Great title for this piece! I actually you were becoming and anti-American (around the 4th and all), but maybe I just read into these things a little too much.

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