The Tooth Fairy is a cheap bastardess

If you follow the stock market and economic indicators you know that the Fed has been holding back on interest rate cuts until it is satisfied that inflationary pressures are under control. Or, if you’re like me, a person who remembers only the beer and pizza supply and demand graph taught by a TA who could barely speak English, you don’t care one iota about economics or the Fed’s statements regarding monetary policy except when it begins to affect your daily life.

Yesterday Drama Girl lost a tooth while chewing on a granola bar. Fortunately there was little blood or drama involved, unlike the last no one-will-touch-my-snaggletooth-until-the-thread -attaching-it-to-my-gums-breaks episode several months ago. It came out right there in a mushy granola mess with no fanfare or fuss. We put it in a little baggie, so Tooth Fairy would be able to find it under her pillow and hopefully leave it there so DG could bring it to her father’s house for a repeat performance. Yes, there are benefits to being a child of divorced parents.

FairyAnyway, Tooth Fairy was up late working on her book and at about 1:00 a.m. remembered to scrounge around for some dough to leave under the pillow. It was looking like either a $20 or taking money out of one of the kids’ piggy banks until she remembered there were a few spare dollars stashed in the car.

This morning DG got up and came into my room. “Mom, the Tooth Fairy came! She left the tooth so I can bring it to Daddy’s, and she left this.” She waved the dollar bill at me as if it had cooties. “It’s only a dollar.”

“Well, I think a dollar is a lot of money for that tiny little tooth!” I said indignantly. “You should be grateful the Tooth Fairy left you so much. When I was a girl a quarter was a big deal. I remember when there were no cell phones or iPods or the Disney Channel. We didn’t even have microwaves back then. You should be thankful…”

I guess my daughter is up on the inflation scene more than I am. Maybe she learned about Ben B. of the FOMCthe CPI in first grade? Ben Bernanke, speaking for parents everywhere, you better as hell keep inflation under control. We can’t afford $20 per tooth.


3 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy is a cheap bastardess

  1. Awww, c’mon, inflation is (comfortably for those of us in the G8 economies, though less so since oil reared it’s head in the ’70’s as a biting inflation-creator) well built into the whole system. When we’re paying 20 bucks per baby incisor, we’ll also be comfortable with $10 per gallon (fossil-fuel equivalent) of liquid hydrogen for our home and auto fuel-cells, $45,000 for a Saturn sub-compact (they’ll probably have changed the name of the Ion model to the Quark or Gluon or Neutrino), $5 for a Venti traditional blend at Starbucks, and $3.99 per decent quality song on iTunes.

    Now, what the kids do with that $20 might be more interesting: how soon can parents, with such easy access to the financial markets, begin to encourage diverting some child & adolescent funds from Toys ‘R Us and the Apple store, to at the very least S&P 500 Index funds, or better, a learner’s account in equity trading? Now that type of attention focus may be more surprising but no less important as the realities of retirement, which moves further away in time (due to advancing retirement age for most), but yet more into people’s mindsets, moves from government and employer funded to solely employee funded. 😉

  2. I think paying $5 for a Venti traditional blend at Starbucks is not far off! Pretty soon $20 won’t buy much. There will be no more Dollar Store; it will become the Five Dollar Store, then the Ten Dollar Store, then the…cha-ching

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